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Top 5 Industries Where Translators Work In

9 Sep 2020

Top 5 industries where translators work

Top 5 industries where translators work in guide

Translators are becoming extremely demanded nowadays. According to various estimations, the demand for translators, interpreters, and other language specialists might grow by the degree somewhere between 20% and 46% within the next decade or even this year. Indeed, as more and more businesses go international every year, with no barriers to stop them, many industries require professional help from language specialists, thus, making applied translation (translation specific for a certain sphere) extremely demanded. With such estimations, the translators not only will have opportunities in the nearest future, they will probably encounter the dilemma of choice as there will be a lot of industries to work in. Let’s take a closer look at those where the translation and interpretation remain the most wanted.

The Most Demanding Ones

Lots of businesses expand on the international market every day. Yet, as some of the industries become more progressive, profitable, and demanded by people, more and more businesses in these industries, in particular, choose to go global. Entering an international market is not the easiest feat at all and even some of the top businesses might need professional help. So, if you’re a translator, buckle up for the list of the best industries to work as the language specialist today.

  1. Information technology. With the high rise of computer and digital technology in the 21st century, the IT sphere has already become something like a staple profession in the corresponding top lists. In 2016, the industry was expected to grow to $1.5-$2 trillion by 2030, yet, in 2019, it managed to reach $5 trillion and is expected to grow to $5.4 trillion in 2020. That’s an extremely fast-paced development, with more and more businesses and the whole industries becoming computerized and programmed in a matter of months. With that being said, the international expansion of the IT industry is imminent and it’s huge. That’s where the translators enter the game. Whenever the business needs to go global, it will likely hire a professional company. And it’ll be great to work for one. You can check out The Word Point review and see it for yourself. Translators in computer and modern technology spheres are in high demand today already.
  2. Tourism and travel. Traveling around the world is very exciting and brings about lots of new experiences, no matter where you go. That’s what most people think and that’s why the tourism industry is still in high demand. Although it did experience a serious downfall in 2020, the world is gradually coming back together after all the limitations. With lots of people being stuck at home, everybody just needs to travel somewhere. That means that many people will need documents and other kinds of translations, which in turn provides some great opportunities for translators in 2020 and likely 2021.
  3. Healthcare and medicine. Translation in this area has always been valued highly due to its overall complexity and relatively low availability of such specialists. In medical care providing the information appropriately to the patients can sometimes be vital and influence the final outcome of the treatment.Such information as diagnosis, treatment plan, prescription, and much more has to be provided to the patient accurately, regardless of the language he or she speaks. So, medical translators sometimes may play a role that is as important as the role of the doctor or a physician. With healthcare being perhaps the most relevant today due to the coronavirus pandemic, medical translators are now needed as they’ve never been needed before.
  4. Journalism. Being a primarily written profession, journalism inevitably needs the help of translators. Highlighting the news from and for other countries, journalist translators can be vital for the spread of information globally. Although journalism may sometimes be considered as being threatened by the ever-increasing presence of social media, a lot of political news today has international importance and, thus, must be translated into as many languages as possible.
  5. Education. Being one of the most important aspects of human life, education also requires language specialists a lot. In order to build a solid foundation of knowledge about certain new things in the world, a proper translation and adaptation of this knowledge are required. The translators in education are generally responsible not only for the proper interpretation of certain terms and concepts in human life and society but also for establishing the proper knowledge spread and its further control.

The industries above, of course, are not the only ones the translator can and should work in. You can take a look through the Translate Hub and find that there are many more interesting opportunities for the language specialists out there. The main thing to remember is that as a translator you might always be needed nearly everywhere.

High Demand Against All Odds

Although it might seem like some industries that might require the translation specialists’ help are experiencing a downfall, it is in fact far from the truth. People manage to handle the current crisis with distance work mode and freelance, so there’s no industry that can simply die out really. And that especially concerns translation. If you might not be needed as a language specialist in one area, you will certainly be needed in another. The main challenge here is to choose what you want and can translate professionally.

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