Understanding why DEF Delete is needed guide, USA Diesel particulate filter installation advice, Truck power rules

Understanding why DEF Delete is needed guide

17 May 2021

Automobile exhaustion is one of the biggest reasons behind the climate change we are experiencing in current-day situations. The lack of knowledge and awareness in people leads to the facilitation of global warming and whatnot, and a major reason behind that is automobile smoke or, in simple words, the smoke generated due to diesel.

From 1970 the Environmental Protection Agency was set up in America to make changes in automobiles, especially loading-trucks, in order to manage the pollution happening due to the emission of harmful gases by vehicles. The Environmental Protection Agency has been working for 46 long years to pass laws and make changes in society regarding car usage so that minimal pollution happens. In 2008 they took the decision to make Diesel particulate filter installation mandatory for Americans in their three-quarter-ton and bigger trucks.

Mercedes-Benz car - Understanding why DEF Delete is needed

DEF Delete help guide

Many people during that time thought this change in their trucks would hamper the big power and torque of the truck and hence the sale of trucks also decreased to some extent, as people thought it is useless to purchase trucks that are not powerful enough. But with time, people started accepting the change, and a rapid shift in people’s preferences was seen as well.

Technological advancement came into the frame when DEF or diesel exhaust fluid was introduced into automobiles. Truck manufacturing companies somehow figured out with diesel exhaust fluid how the power of trucks could be retained, and also smoke emission could be checked at the same time. But this change, even though introduced for the betterment of the environment, was not sustainable for everyone for multiple reasons.

Even though few accepted it, still now there are people existing who are against this act of introduction of diesel exhaust fluid or a diesel particulate filter into their trucks. People indulged in installing age-old diesel engines into their trucks or remanufactured their existing engines with old features because they still believe that diesel exhaust fluid is going to hamper their truck’s power. But the act of DEF Delete is really required not specifically for retaining the power and torque but for many other reasons.

Is diesel exhaust fluid really making any change in the environment?

We cannot deny the fact that automobile exhaustion is causing harm to our environment, but in order to stop that, people need a sustainable option. Something that is not going to cost them a fortune is needed, which is definitely not diesel exhaust fluid. Diesel exhaust fluid might have made a change in the environment, but it is not a sustainable choice for everyone in the end.

What is diesel exhaust fluid?

Diesel exhaust fluid is a mixture of chemicals that are stored separately in a tank with a blue-colored filter. This chemical is periodically sprayed on the exhaust system of the car so that the harmful NOx produced is converted into simple and harmless Nitrogen and water molecules. Diesel exhaust fluid is a mixture of 67.5% deionized water along with 32.5% urea.

Is Diesel exhaust fluid harmful or made up of harmful chemicals?

The main ingredient in Diesel exhaust fluid is urea. Urea is a major ingredient in making fertilizers for farming but is also used in making explosives, fuel cells, as well. Other than that, urea is also used in cosmetic industries as well. But urea is not harmless; large quantities of urea are not only harmful to humans but also harmful to the environment. In humans, it causes irritation in the eyes, skin rashes and causes problems in the respiratory tract as well. For the environment, urea causes algal bloom formation in water which causes eutrophication, and when mixed with other chemicals, it can cause explosions as well.

Issues with Diesel exhaust fluid incorporation in the vehicles

The Diesel exhaust fluid tank is quite equivalent to a car’s fuel tank; hence if Diesel exhaust fluid is over, the car will eventually stop working. This is quite an inconvenience because many trucks or cars do not indicate the quantity of Diesel exhaust fluid left in the vehicle. As a result, being unaware, people often travel with a half-filled Diesel exhaust fluid tank. If the Diesel exhaust fluid tank is empty, the car will stop running.

One of the biggest issues with the incorporation of Diesel exhaust fluid is that it is not a cheap option. Diesel exhaust fluid is quite expensive and also not easily found. You will require to install a NOx sensor in your vehicle with the system, which will cost you around $1100, and then the cost of Diesel exhaust fluid DCU is around $6000.

Other than that, when your vehicle enters the limp mode due to the exhaustion of Diesel exhaust fluid, it will cost you extra to fix that as well. And this limp mode issue will keep arising no matter what you do. The SCR system causes faulty earth moving facility. As a result, the limp mode will get enabled. And this is why getting rid of your car’s Diesel exhaust fluid system is needed.

Another major problem with the Diesel exhaust fluid is that if you are from the colder parts of America, you will see your Diesel exhaust fluid getting frozen as the temperature falls. This is quite a dangerous thing as well. Diesel exhaust fluid expands when frozen, and if it does not fit in the tank after freezing, your Diesel exhaust fluid tank will explode, causing a huge accident that you definitely do not require.

Understanding why DEF Delete is needed – diesel exhaust

The freezing and melting procedures will not hamper the quality or composition of the Diesel exhaust fluid, but the freezing of Diesel exhaust fluid is actually hampering its actual purpose only. The liquid is supposed to be sprayed continuously on the exhaust system of the car; if the liquid is crystalline in composition, the spraying effect will not take place, so the entire process is hampered.

Hence keeping in mind all these extra hassles that you have to take, it is better to choose DEF Delete and get rid of the system entirely.

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