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In the Virtual World Is Casino VIP Luxury Still Possible Guide

13 Jan 2020

In the Virtual World Is Casino VIP Luxury Still Possible?

The much-fabled VIP casino experience doesn’t just start when you check-in to a resort. It usually begins at the airport, where a limousine will pick you up and bring you to your destination. From that point, everything is designed to be different compared to the average person’s experience: The rooms, the drinks, the food, the way you are treated by staff. It’s a tried and tested method of getting high-rollers to play at the high stakes tables at the world’s swankiest casino resorts.

In the Virtual World Is Casino VIP Luxury Possible?

In the Virtual World Is Casino VIP Luxury Still Possible Advice

But as we move to a more virtual world of entertainment, as seen with the ubiquitous availability of online casinos, is replicating such luxury still possible? The answer is, in fact, a complicated one, and gets right into the essence of casinos as a form of entertainment.

To begin with, you might be surprised as to what lengths online casinos go to emulate the VIP experience of casino resorts. VIP programmes, and you can see an example at this safe and licensed online casino in Ireland, exist online. And, while they can’t offer you complimentary drinks or a room upgrade, there are numerous ways to dazzle high-rollers. For instance, it’s not uncommon for online casinos to bring their high-rolling customers to events like Premier League games, the Grand National or high-profile boxing matches.

Monetary elements remain the same

Moreover, despite all the frills of the VIP experience, true high-rollers are usually interested in financial incentives in exchange for their business, which comes in the form of free chips, rake-back and better odds. These things are offered at online casinos as standard for their VIP players, as are the high stakes tables. VIPs can even get access to private tables with ultra-high limits.

So far, that’s pretty clear and reason enough to skip the long-haul flight to Vegas or Macau. However, we would argue that the virtual VIP experience falls down when it comes to sensory pleasures, i.e. the surroundings and trappings of luxury.

As we mentioned earlier, this gets into the essence of casinos as entertainment, and it tells us that the experience has always been about more than the games. Indeed, from an architectural viewpoint, we know that to be true; the casino building and everything inside it is part of the experience. That’s the reason we get the delights of the Bellagio Fountains and the incredible façade of the Casino de Monte-Carlo.

Both arms of the industry co-exist peacefully

Indeed, it’s worth noting that the land-based casino industry and online industry tend to co-exist peacefully. There isn’t any evidence of the latter eating into the former’s profits, and we know we have seen such digital disruption in almost every other form of business; from video stores to taxi companies, there was an inexorable march to move online. Casino resorts have not seen this problem on anywhere near the same scale – yet. That might change once technologies like VR come to the fore, but, for the moment, resort bosses are resting easy.

To reiterate a point, it tells us that the casino experience is about more than winning money. Or, at least, that the auxiliary pleasures derived from visiting a casino are important enough to retain. Both the online and physical VIP experiences are thriving at casinos, but it seems it’s because they are offering different things.

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