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Unexpected problems architects have to address

23 February 2024

As an architect in Edinburgh, you love to create and design. You have an eye for detail, a passion for aesthetics, and a knack for solving complex problems.

However, there are always unexpected problems that arise. In this blog we’ll talk about what some of these unexpected problems are.

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Finding a removal company

The first unexpected problem architects oftentimes have to address is finding a removal company such as getamover.co.uk. This of course isn’t something that immediately comes to mind when trying to have a career as an architect, but many times people who you are designing a home for need help with extra services after the home is completed. One of these things is finding an expert that helps people move from their old place to the new home that you designed.

Location limitations

You’ve got this vision in your mind’s eye: sleek, modern lines that just sing against the landscape. But then reality hits. Maybe it’s a plot of land that’s awkwardly shaped or local building regulations that are super strict. Here’s where you’ve got to be part architect, part magician. It’s all about compromise, creativity, and communication. Breaking it down for your clients, helping them see not just the limitations but the potential—now that’s a skill that turns problems into opportunities.

Problems during construction

Every day on the construction site feels like dodging curveballs left and right. We’re talking about those problems during construction like the weather throwing a tantrum, or a delayed delivery that’s got everyone twiddling their thumbs.

It might even be that one wall that just isn’t sitting straight, no matter how many times you check the plans. It’s about rolling with the punches and keeping that communication line with your team tight. Stay honest with your client, keep them in the loop, and most importantly, keep your cool.

Budget limitations

Budget is a tricky tightrope walk every project dances on. It’s all about stretching those pounds with some finesse and smart choices. When the numbers don’t line up, it’s not the end of the world.

It’s an opportunity to get creative and show your clients how you can make magic happen on a shoestring. Cut costs, not corners, by prioritizing what’s crucial for the project. Transparent conversations with your clients about what can be achieved within their budget might just reveal priorities they hadn’t considered.

Clients changing their mind

When clients change their minds, it’s all about the art of improvisation. You’ve got to be ready to take the unexpected and turn it into something that works for everyone.

Sit down with your client and listen to their new vision, really hear them out. You might find out that this new direction could lead to even better things than initially planned.

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