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5 Simple Steps to Connect to NBN: What You Need to Know

30 October 2021

Are you ready to connect to the new national broadband network? Curious about what that means for your best home internet plans?

NBN is the next generation of broadband internet technology. But, what exactly is it?

5 simple steps to connect to NBN

What is NBN?

NBN is the new and improved broadband network that will replace the old copper telephone lines. It’s an infrastructure project that aims to provide fast internet speeds to all Australians.

Why the switch?

NBN is replacing copper with fiber optics cables. Fiber technology transmits massive data and much faster than copper technology.

It has been rolled out in major cities, and you need to learn the steps for a smooth connection. Well, the entire connection process takes five simple steps.

Connect in 5 Simple Steps

1. Notification Cut-off Date

Connecting to the NBN begins by checking your notification cut-off date. Phone and internet service providers will notify you of the cut-off date. The cut-off date should be around 18 months after your area becomes NBN internet-ready.

What will happen if I don’t switch after the NBN deadline? You will be left without a phone and internet connection because the old copper network will be disconnected.

2. Know You Connection Type

Once you have confirmed that it’s time for you to connect, the next step is to understand your connection type.

Do you want Fibre-to-the-Node (FTTN), Fibre-to-the-Curb (FTTC), or Fibre Optic Cable? How fast your Internet is in your area will depend on where you live.

While you can decide on the best home internet plans, you cannot choose the connection type. NBN decides on the connection type for each area.

To check if your area is covered, Google NBN and enter your address. On the website, you can also check how long you have before the deadline.

3. Compare Plans and Providers

The third step is to compare NBN plans and providers. Australia has dozens of service providers, so all the information before making your choice.

For a seamless switch, compare the internet plans and providers at Econnex and upgrade in just a few steps.

4. Prepare for Installation

Next, prepare for the installation day. Ensure everything will be ready when the technician arrives at your doorstep. Move existing equipment and prepare for a new Ethernet cable installation.

Getting your property set up on the NBN network will require a technician specializing in the service. Besides, you will need your preferred Internet provider to set up an installation inside your house.

While installation for the previously internet-ready homes will be free, new homes will be charged.

5. Connect to the NBN

Now you connect to the provider and enjoy Australia’s best home internet plans. This means having an active NBN connection with no interruptions at a faster speed.

To ensure that everything went smoothly: ask questions if they arise, monitor usage regularly, and check your speed regularly with your provider.

Whenever you encounter a problem with your NBN connection, the best thing to do is call your provider or their technical support. They can help troubleshoot and, if necessary, may send a technician out for further inspection.

5 Simple Steps to Connect to NBN Summary

The final step in the process is monitoring usage regularly, ensuring that you don’t go over monthly data limits.

If you follow these simple steps to connect, the process should be smooth and without any issues.

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