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Architectural Design Trends To Follow While Building A Rehab

9 Mar 2021

The main objective of the rehab centers is to restore someone to health through training and therapy after imprisonments, addiction, injury and illness. The purpose of rehabilitation is to help someone to achieve command over all their senses, abilities and skills that are needed to lead a normal and healthy life. Rehab centers like Serenity rehab clinics in Edinburgh work with a structured regime to help the individuals suffering from different problems to get back to health.

The rehab centers cater to a variety of patients and hence it should be universally accessible and provide respective care and treatments to each patient as per their use of substance, trauma, recuperating from injury, etc. The modern architectural design trends used for constructing a rehab includes understanding the character of spaces, requirements and most importantly the behavioral psychology of the patients.

Physical therapy centre – rehab building design:
Physical therapy centre - Architectural design trends when building a rehab
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Architectural Design Trends To Follow While Building A Rehab Facility

Some architectural design trends followed while building a rehab in modern days

  1. Home like environment: As the individuals will remain in the rehab clinics for some certain amount of time, the rehabs must be designed with a familiar and homely atmosphere with all the materials, textures, accessories and functions which are commonly found at a person’s home. Creating a perfect atmosphere is more beneficial as it provides a holistic experience to the users. It also ensures that the patient is comfortable in the new place.
  2. The interiors must be bright: Staying in a bright home can uplift the mood of the inhabitants to a certain extent. So, the interiors of the rehabs must have calm colors and ample amount of daylight to ensure that the patients feel good staying there.
  3. Have a lot of green: Every human being tends to seek nature and other forms of life such as plants, animals, landscapes etc. Staying nearer to nature as well as making more attachment to nature can increase the healing product of an individual to a certain extent.

So, the designs of the rehabs should incorporate greener spaces as it has a positive effect on patients. It might have animal assisted intervention as well such as spaces designed to attract butterflies, birds, etc.

  1. Have open air activity spaces like patios, amphitheatres: The patios act as an activity as well as interaction space for the residents of the specific building. When a person stays in rehab, away from all his or her loved ones might be quite difficult. Hence, if the rehabs have more open air spaces, then the patients can spend more time outdoors performing different activities as well as interact with several other suffering through the same problem as him or her.
  2. Interactive social spaces: The architecture of a rehab should include a variety of exterior and interior social spaces for the uses of the patients. Large gathering spaces are needed in a rehab for group therapy, occasions and social interaction with family members. These spaces reduce the loneliness and the fear of the patients staying in the rehabilitation centers.

Most of the reputed rehab clinics have these architectural designs to ensure that the patients are getting treated at the rehabs with all the comforts of their home. In spite of all these facilities, some people simply opt for the best home treatments like Steps home alcohol detox in Edinburgh to stay at their homes and get treated privately.

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