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Black And White Photo Wall Art For A Class Interior

31 August 2021

Black and white photo wall art for interior girl woods

Do you dream of an interior that exudes timeless class? Then choose black and white photo wall art by Humiio. One stylish accent wall can completely change the atmosphere of a room. From classic to modern, black and white art murals suit every home style. The subdued shades are easy to combine and give your walls a refined touch.

Black and white photo wall art is therefore one of our absolute bestsellers. The perfect choice for those who don’t want to follow trends blindly, but prefer a durable look that will stand the test of time. Whatever design you choose, you will never get bored of black and white photo wall art photography.

Ideal for rooms where you often stay, such as the living room, kitchen or bedroom. We print your black and white photo wall art in a format of your choice, so that the photo fits exactly on your wall. Do you want to upgrade your home with a luxurious eye-catcher? Below you will find two photograph wall art ideas that guarantee a successful result.

Black and white photo wallpaper interior skyscraper

Black and white photo wallpaper of the Hong Kong Three buildings

Accentuate the sleek, sober look of your urban chic interior with abstract portraits of a Hong Kong skyscraper. As one of the world’s most famous structures, the bridge has an iconic appearance. The most popular photo is undoubtedly the one that looks like you’re standing in the middle of the street.

Not only because you can admire the building in its full glory, but also because the vertical effect optically lengthens the space and actually invites you to step into the photo. In addition to this impressive perspective, you can also opt for wall art of the building, showing a piece of Hong Kong. The City of Lights simply has one of the most beautiful skylines in the world; Isn’t it great that you can now hang it on your wall? The countless lights and endless skyscrapers give your interior design a fashionable look.

Black and white photo wall art with a lion

Exotic animals are another highlight in our collection of black and white wall murals. From beautiful close-ups to spectacular action shots; make your choice from a particularly varied range of animal photos.

Can you already feel the stress of choice? Then go for a lion on high-end photo wall art. With its wild mane and intense gaze, it gives your interior tons of character.

A bold choice and absolute added value for any home style. Have your favorite lion photo printed on black and white photo wallpaper for an extra luxurious effect.

The light-dark contrast gives depth to your photo, making it seem as if the lion suddenly emerges from the shadows. This wallpaper is therefore not only chic, but also bathes the room in mystery. It is therefore recommended for rooms in which you wish to create an intimate setting, such as the living room or bedroom. Prefer another animal? That is also possible! In our collection of wallpapers you will also find tigers, zebras, elephants and many other animals.

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