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Edinburgh’s Architectural Sights Worth Visiting Guide

1 Mar 2023

Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, is renowned for its stunning architecture reflecting its rich history and culture. Edinburgh’s buildings – from Gothic to Georgian, medieval to modern – testify to the city’s vibrant past and dynamic present. In this article, we take a look at Edinburgh’s architecture by highlighting some of the city’s most iconic buildings.

Edinburgh's Architectural Sights Worth Visiting

Edinburgh Architectural Sights To Visit Guide

Perched atop a volcanic cliff in the heart of the city, Edinburgh Castle is one of the city’s iconic landmarks. From royal residence and military fortress to prison and museum, it has tried on many roles over the centuries. The architecture of the castle incorporates the stylistics of different eras. While visiting the castle, you can explore the Royal Palace, the Great Hall, and the Scottish National War Memorial among other attractions.

Another landmark in Edinburgh is the Royal Mile, a street that runs from Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the official residence of the British monarch in Scotland. The street is literally lined with historic buildings with many converted shops, restaurants and museums, but retains its original appearance. Here you’ll find medieval, renaissance, Georgian and modern buildings.

Opened in 2004, the Scottish Parliament building is a striking example of modern Scottish architecture. It was designed by Enric Miralles, the Catalan architect who won the competition to design the parliament in 1998. Although some critics called the Scottish Parliament building ugly and unsuitable for the historic cityscape, it won many awards for its innovative design.

Edinburgh’s Churches and Cathedrals

Of all the churches and cathedrals, St Giles’ Cathedral, the High Kirk of Edinburgh, deserves particular attention. Dating back to the 12th century, it has been altered and expanded over the centuries, drawing inspiration from Gothic, Romanesque and Victorian architectural styles. The cathedral is known for its striking spire and stained glass windows, as well as its historical significance as a place of worship and political debate.

Designed by Sir Ninian Comper in the early 20th century, the Scottish Episcopal Church of St Mary the Virgin is another iconic church in Edinburgh. The architecture of the church is an eclectic mix of Gothic and Arts and Crafts styles, with intricate stone carvings, ornate woodwork and colourful stained glass windows. If you’re interested in religious architecture, you must visit the Scottish Episcopal Church of St Mary, recognised as one of the architect’s finest works.

The New Town Area of Edinburgh

There’s more to Edinburgh’s architecture than just public buildings and cathedrals. There are also plenty of beautiful houses, shops and cafes that reflect its rich history and culture. Constructed in the late 18th century, The New Town area of Edinburgh is one of Europe’s best-preserved examples of town planning from this period, with a distinctly Georgian style of architecture. The broad streets of the New Town, elegant townhouses and landscaped gardens provide a stark contrast to the narrow closes and tenements of the Old Town.

Edinburgh’s bridges also feature prominently in the city’s grand architecture. Connecting Edinburgh to Fife, the Forth Bridge is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is considered one of the engineering wonders of the modern world. The bridge’s distinctive red steel construction has become a symbol of Scotland’s industrial heritage.

Edinburgh Gambling Establishments

Edinburgh is also home to several iconic casinos with some unique types of gambling on offer. Combining traditional and modern architectural styles, Edinburgh’s casinos offer visitors an aesthetically pleasing and luxurious gambling experience. However, today there is no need to go to Edinburgh or any other city with land-based casinos, as the greatest variety of gambling is now available online, and you can easily see this by checking out the list of top 100 online casinos .

Situated in the heart of Edinburgh on South Maybury Road, the Grosvenor is probably the most famous casino in the city. With a glass facade that allows natural light to enter, it has an elegant and very modern architectural style. The open plan allows maximum use of space and creates a welcoming atmosphere for visitors. To create a relaxing atmosphere, the interior designers adopted a modern and minimalist style with subdued tones.

The Genting Casino is another Edinburgh landmark. Located on the Genting, it is an impressive Victorian building, reflecting the rich architectural heritage of the city. With sumptuous chandeliers and exquisite furnishings, the casino’s interior creates an extravagant atmosphere. With a spacious and airy gaming room, the Genting Casino is able to accommodate many visitors.

Another spectacular casino in Edinburgh is the Alea, located at Springfield Quay. It is a modern building with a glass facade that looks really impressive. With an open plan that allows visitors to move around freely, the Alea arcade is very spacious and well-lit.

Another casino in Edinburgh worthy of mention is the Rainbow. Located on Dundee Street, it is a smaller building than the aforementioned and offers a more intimate gambling experience. With plush furnishings and rich colours, the decor of this casino looks more traditional and creates an atmosphere of luxury and comfort.

From traditional to modern, Edinburgh’s casinos offer a wide range of styles and this provides a unique and unforgettable gambling experience. Whether you’re looking for luxury, extravagance or an intimate setting, these casinos are able to offer everything to suit your preferences.

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