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Five Calming Colours To Consider For Your Home In 2024

28 November 2023

We’re moving into a new year and for many of us that means considering a refresh of our homes. But what are you thinking?

Many of us are particularly stressed given the current climate, and the recent government budget has gone no way to easing that. Anxiety levels are at an all-time high among people right across the country and many of us just aren’t coping with it in a healthy manner.

calm colour home interior design

That’s meant turning to the likes of alcohol or drugs, with rehab check-ins increasing by the day. There are small things in the home that we can do to try and avoid going down that route though, including making it a calming and comfortable environment.

There are tons of ways of doing that, from the furniture and layouts of homes, to the colours you use within it. We need to help ourselves where we can these days, especially if a person is struggling, seeking out an affordable drug rehab cost to get back on track if needed, but also ensuring our home is an environment in which we can kick back and relieve stress.

So, whatever reason you may be struggling with stress, think about a splash of paint with these calming colours for 2024…

Earthy Sage Green

Sage has a rather timeless appeal to it, so it once again will be popular for 2024. It’s calming and grounding, as well as being a good choice for various rooms within a house. It’s as nice to use in a living room as it is a bathroom, while the properties of the colour promote a sense of balance and harmony.

Use it on walls, or even as accent pieces or in furniture and decorations. It will really help promote that sense of calm.

Tranquil Sky Blue

Everyone likes to look outside and see clear skies. It promotes an air of peace, and you can do that in your home by using the colour. An excellent colour for bathrooms, it instils a real sense of tranquility, and the perfect colour to sit back, relax and rejuvenate.

Paired with neutral colours, it’s a great colour that can’t help but lift your mood.

Soft Lavender

More of a subdued shade, lavender is beautifully gentle and provides a calming colour across any room. Lavenders are great for the bedroom or little nooks you wish to use for reading, while using it in textiles is particularly soothing, so bedsheets, cushions and so on, adding a real calm elegance to your home.

Five calming colours for your home in 2024

Warm Beige

Keeping it simple, beige is a colour that never goes out of style but offers a warmth that few other colours can. It’s serene and the perfect base colour and backdrop from which you can add your lavenders and sages.

Ideal for any room, and across walls or furniture, you really can’t go wrong with beige. It’s simple, stylish, sophisticated and a brilliant all year, every year colour.

Coastal Grey

With undertones of blue and green, coastal grey is such a calming colour that offers real serenity within it. Ideal for kitchens and dining spaces, as well as bathrooms, it’s a contemporary colour that’ll bring your home into the modern day while also offering the tranquility we associate with being beside the sea.

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