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Frederick Roofing Dangers to Look Out for

Jan 21, 2020

There are numerous things to create havoc on your home roof. It could be heat, tree cover, debris, faulty gutters, downspouts, and many more. Besides these, other factors damage your roofing system beyond repair and calls for a replacement.

Therefore, homeowners in the US should be aware of such roofing issues and address the problems fast without any delay. When you stay updated about the possible causes of roof damage, you would be able to identify problems quickly, thus saving much of your time and money in repairs or replacements.

3 Things That Harm Your Roof in Frederick, Western Maryland

According to an article published on, both residential and commercial roof manufacturers use quality steel, asphalt, composite stuff, and cedar for new roof installation. Despite that, here are three things that could damage your home roof:

  1. The heat of the sun

The sun’s heat typically results in harm to your home roofing system in parts where the roof has already been damaged. It includes those parts of the roof that are vulnerable to the elements. There are the exposed portions, such as the places where shingles have dropped off. These are the parts where the sun’s heat would result in more damage.

If you have an old roof, the heat of the sun could lead to crack, breakage, and even dried out shingles. When your home’s roof begins to display aging signs, it implies you need to replace your old roof for a new one. You can visit websites such as, to learn more about damage and possible solutions.

  1. Snow

Roof damage is also caused due to snowfall or ice formation and the problems aggravate during the cold winter months. The buildup of snow or ice on your roof could lead to severe damage and therefore, a roof inspection is necessary after heavy snowfall.

There are instances when the weight from the snow buildup damages the roof’s structural integrity. It happens because of the excess weight of snow or ice on specific portions of your home roof. The greatest damage occurs due to melting, freezing, and refreezing after a snowfall.

When the ice melts, water can enter parts of your home from the roof. Again, during refreezing, the water would expand and form ice dams. With the expansion of ice, it refreezes and raises some of the roof structures resulting in water seepage or leakage via the roof and inside your house.

  1. Water damage

Eventually, most roof damages in the US boils down to water or moisture damage after heavy rainfall. Water could result in severe harm to your roofing system, and if not addressed on time, a roof replacement may rip you off financially.

That is the reason why you need a regular roof inspection to check for moisture damage. It not only creates havoc on your roofing system but also to your home’s ceiling and inner walls. You will need to patch up the parts of your home damaged due to water leakage.

Final words

Now that you know how the three factors lead to roof damage, take steps to prevent further harm. Consult with a professional roofing expert near you for roof repair or replacement as and when the situation arises.

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Frederick Roofing Dangers to Look Out for
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