Granton Harbour Residential Development, Edinburgh Waterfront property, POLHA building architect

Granton Harbour Residential Development

Port of Leith Housing Association Homes on The Forth design by Hackland + Dore Architects, Edinburgh

22 Sep 2016

Granton Harbour Residential Development, Edinburgh

Design: Hackland + Dore Architects

Design Statement:

The proposal will contribute to the comprehensive regeneration and improvement of the site, a reclaimed land, and the wider area as well as any future plans for the strategic development of Granton Harbour. It aims to enhance the existing adjoining neighbourhood and provide a co-ordinated development comprising a range of significant urban and economic improvements.

Granton Harbour Residential Development
image courtesy of the architecture office

Granton Harbour Residential Property

One design principle is to extend upon the existing residential community and create a variety of flat types for affordable housing with the amenity of the residents promoted through consideration of open sea front views, sunlight, large well designed shared and private open spaces.

Project Title: Plot 3, at Granton Harbour (65 West Harbour Road, EH5 1PW), Edinburgh, Scotland.

A residential development of 104 units, a mixture of 3/2 and 1-bedroom flats and maisonettes with private front and rear gardens, on street parking, and a large communal internal courtyard with landscaping.

Granton Harbour Residential Development
image courtesy of the architects office

National Grid Ref: 323620,677470
Client: Port of Leith Housing Association (POLHA)
Architect: Hackland + Dore Architects
Site area: approx. 1.0 Ha
Gross Floor area: 8770m2
Location: Granton Harbour, Edinburgh
Status: Awaiting planning consent
Project start date: 2017 (TBA)
Cost: TBC

Granton Harbour Residential Development

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