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Certification for Plumbers in the Scottish Capital: Refurbished Property Interiors

1 June 2017

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How A High Quality Plumbing Job Can Increase Your Edinburgh House Price

With house prices booming across the whole of the British isles there are many living in Edinburgh thinking of ways they can maximise the overall value of their property. Of course it is recommended you use experienced and certified plumbers in Northampton, like these guys in Northamptonshire England, to carry out the work, that goes without saying. What are the benefits, though, to your house value?

  • Bathrooms and kitchens sell, whatever part of the UK you may reside and Edinburgh is no different. People want to see clean and functional units that blend nicely into the overall architecture of the property. Getting these two rooms right, in terms of complementing the architecture of your house and providing the kind of functionality that is up to date with the times, will help your house price soar.
  • The correct certification on works carried out fitting bathrooms and kitchens etc will offer peace of mind to any potential buyer. This will also give you a big advantage over homes that have not gotten the correct paperwork from those carrying out work for them.Your house will be “more sellable” and thus your asking price can afford to be more robust. This means any plumbing company you have had working on your home will need to be able to offer the correct certificates for the works they carry out…especially around gas.
  • The heating system is also important. Radiators that match the overall decor and house architecture help a house sell. After all they are prominent in most rooms. To labour the above point they will need to be fitted by gas safe plumbing or heating engineers and come with the correct paperwork declaring them safe and properly fitted. One of the biggest worries for new buyers is what they will have to spend money on when they buy a house. Having a system that is well serviced and fully functioning will mean that there is more money that can be spent on buying the house…increasing that homes value. Hidden pipework from heating systems is also going to appeal to families with children and again make your home more in demand.

So to conclude:

The Edinburgh property market continues to strengthen due to its draw as a prime Scottish city and also its history and amenities. However making sure that your home stands out from others on the market place is important should you wish to make more money from it. Getting the right plumbing firm and also furnishings and style for your appliances and furnishings, is incredibly important. Just as important as getting styles and finishes to blend in with the overall architecture of the rooms and building.

Where can I find our about certification my plumbers will need to have?

If you contact your local council and speak to their housing department they will help you find out what certifications and gas safety qualifications any plumbers working on your property need to providel. This way you can make sure anyone you employ is going to be up to the task of doing a good job and enhancing the value and saleability of your home.

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Edinburgh Building Developments

3-8 St Andrew Square
Design: CDA and Gareth Hoskins Architects
3-8 St Andrew Square Building - High Quality Plumbing Edinburgh
photo © Adrian Welch
St Andrew Square Building

Napier University

Quartermile flats

Burns Monument

New Town St James Centre

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