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Tips for Surviving Architecture School Guide

1 June 2020

Architecture is a very lucrative course for students. Furthermore, it pays quite well for those who see it through. However, as a new student, there are some tips you need to heed concerning how to make the most of your school years and even succeed as an architecture student. Here are the most notable ones:

Be Prepared for a Lot of Work

Tips for Surviving Architecture School

As an aspiring architecture student, you need to recognize that this course involves a lot of input on your part. You are going to spend several late nights dealing with projects. Besides, architecture is one of the courses you always commit to reading. After graduation, you will have a little relief, but there is still more you need to do for a competitive advantage in the market. Furthermore, there are always new trends with which you will have to familiarize yourself.

Prioritize Your Schoolwork

University can have a lot of distractions, and some students are likely to be led astray by others. Plan your time properly and stick to your plans. Studying architecture does not mean that you can’t have fun in college. However, you need to allocate enough time for your studies. You have to learn to say ‘no’ to a lot of unnecessary distractions.

Learn About Great Past Architects

In the field of architecture, there are some great names from the past. You can learn a thing or two. The past is always a good source of inspiration, and exploring some of the works of these great architects can inspire your work.

Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination should be your nemesis when taking architecture. In high school, you might have gotten away with procrastination, or a paper writing service may have rescued you. But in college, specifically architecture, procrastination is lethal. Plan, even if architecture can be a little unpredictable. Furthermore, make some sacrifices when you have a lot of work to do and try to encourage yourself to complete it.

Have a Big Picture Objective in Mind

Architecture can sometimes be challenging. As a student, you will most likely question your abilities in the course of your studies. You might even feel like giving up or running for the hills. It is normal, and you should prepare for these moments. Students go through various kinds of challenges, for example, receiving a bad critique for a project, losing your work in a computer, but it’s always essential to rise above.

To do that, you need to remind yourself why you selected the course. If you just stumbled upon it, then you need to focus on the big picture. No matter how difficult any problem is, you can always find a way to solve and cope with it. Be encouraged that there are brighter times ahead and that all your work will come to pay off in the end.

Avoid Making Comparisons

In architecture, you work with other students, and there will always be some who produce some unique or fantastic designs. Do not fixate on what other students have done and believe in your work. Who knows, they might be having similar thoughts about your work.

Get Used to Sketching

You have to do a lot of sketching in architecture. Whether you are in class and the professor spurs an interesting design, have your sketch of it. Any time you get an idea, find a way to sketch it. Sketching will help you keep important ideas that come to you in the spur of the moment.

Take Breaks When Working

When completing a project, take some breaks. After working for a few hours, you might realize that you are becoming a little unproductive. Sometimes, you might get stuck or experience challenges such as your software not working as you intend, a concept that is not working, among others. Take a break from the project for some time. When you feel refreshed, you might be able to look at it from another perspective.

Stay Healthy

Here we are talking about observing the basic needs for survival. Are you eating enough? Are you getting adequate sleep? Whenever possible, exercise. You need to take care of yourself and plan your sleeping, working, and eating schedule. Any good work comes from a refreshed person, physically or mentally.

Surviving Architecture School advice 2020

Tips for Surviving Architecture School Closing Remarks

Studying architecture might seem daunting, but it is also a lot of fun when you have a passion for it. So, to succeed in the course, be prepared to make some sacrifices. Plan your time well and have a clear objective for your future that will keep you going. It will all come to pay off in the future. Don’t be intimidated, just be prepared.

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