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How to design a hotel that sets you apart guide

27 September 2022

With so much competition in the hospitality sector, your hotel needs to be a standout. Today’s guests now want their hotel to be a destination, with fine dining, wellness experiences and personalised service.

You need to be able to keep up with these needs through a detailed business plan and innovative design. Easier said than done! So here are tips on how to open a hotel that sets you apart:

Burj al Arab hotel Dubai - How to design a hotel that sets you apart

How to design a hotel that sets you apart tips

Get everything properly prepared

There’s so much to understand when opening a hotel, but a business plan is crucial to making sure everything runs smoothly. Being aware of operating expenses is key to the long-term viability of your business. Think about pricing strategies, fixed and variable prices, and labour costs. Consider how much it will cost to get your project up and running and how long it will take.

Don’t forget other expenses along the way such as insurance for your hotel or marketing costs to put your brand out there. Budgeting for such a big project can often be difficult and somewhat unpredictable due to the level of work and organisation required. It is therefore even more important that you or your organisation looks at all the details with great focus.

How to design a hotel that sets you apart

Design for the customer experience

With so many hotels to choose from, you want yours to stand out. The best way to do that is to transform your property into an unforgettable destination. Successful hoteliers have been known to combine luxury hotel design ideas with innovative concepts that create a unique experience.

This could be through wellness initiatives, spas, and biophilic (connecting with nature) designs that focus on guests feeling like the best version of themselves. Investing in sophisticated interior design can create Instagramable spaces that increase guest engagement and promotion for your hotel. Look at some of the most innovative accommodation concepts for inspiration.

Be inspired by distinct cultures

If you’re struggling to find inspiration, then research architecture and design in different cultures. Local culture can give your hotel a design aesthetic edge. You can incorporate locally sourced materials, local art, and music into your design to authentically connect travellers with the area’s culture and develop an appreciation for it.

For example, the Mysk Al Mouj is a modern hotel inspired by Omani culture. Blending interpretations of Arabic patterns and calligraphy with contemporary hotel design, this hotel has made a sense of location its main theme and this has massively contributed to its popularity.

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