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Courthouses in Edinburgh Old Town, High Court of Justiciary Scotland

Edinburgh Courts

High Court of Justiciary – Edinburgh Court: Royal Mile building, Old Town
High Court of Justiciary Edinburgh Edinburgh Court Building Edinburgh Court High Court of Justiciary Edinburgh
photos © Adrian Welch

About the High Court

High Court of Justiciary entrance, Edinburgh
The High Court of Justiciary is Scotland’s supreme criminal court. When sitting at first instance as a trial court, it hears the most serious criminal cases, such as murder and rape. A single judge hears cases with a jury of 15 people.

At first instance, it sits in cities and larger towns around Scotland and has a permanent base in Edinburgh (Lawnmarket), Glasgow (Saltmarket) and Aberdeen (Mercatgate). There are periodic sittings in Dumbarton, Lanark, Livingston, Paisley and Stirling. As an appeal court, it sits only in Edinburgh.


The High Court is presided over by the Lord Justice General and the Lord Justice Clerk. They usually sit as chairpersons in the courts of criminal appeal. The other full time judges, who are also Senators of the College of Justice, are known as Lords Commissioners of Justiciary when sitting in the High Court.

Appeal Court

When sitting as an appeal court, the court consists of at least three judges when hearing appeals against conviction and two when hearing sentence appeals. More judges may sit when the court is dealing with exceptionally difficult cases or those where important matters of law may be considered. Appeals are heard from the High Court. The High Court also hears appeals in cases referred to it by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission.

The Lord Advocate may refer a point of law which arises in the course of a case to the High Court for an opinion. This allows the High Court to give directions which set out the law for future similar cases.

source: https://www.scotcourts.gov.uk/the-courts/supreme-courts/high-court/about-the-high-court

Edinburgh Court: Cowgate buildings, Old Town
Edinburgh Court Cowgate Edinburgh Court Cowgate
photos © Adrian Welch

Edinburgh Court building on Chamber Street
Edinburgh Court Chamber Street
picture © Adrian Welch

Scottish Supreme Court – News Update
£130m Law Courts redevelopment – Parliament House off Royal Mile
Edinburgh Court building
picture © Adrian Welch
Edinburgh Court building

High Court of Justiciary – Edinburgh Court: Royal Mile building
Edinburgh Court Edinburgh Court Edinburgh Court
picture © Adrian Welch

Context to Edinburgh Court buildings: Advocates’ Library Edinburgh
Advocates' Library Edinburgh
picture © Adrian Welch

View of Cowgate buildings from George IV Bridge:
Cowgate buildings
picture © Adrian Welch

Edinburgh Architecture

Scottish Parliament Building
Scottish Parliament
picture © Keith Hunter

Edinburgh Walking Tours – city architectural walks

Quartermile – major development of former hospital site
Quartermile Edinburgh
picture © Adrian Welch

Caltongate – controversial city centre development
Caltongate Buildings
image : ANTA architecture

Missoni Hotel Edinburgh

Harvey Nichols

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