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How to Upgrade Windows on a Period Property Guide

16 December 2022

How to Upgrade Windows on a Period Property

When you decide to replace and upgrade the windows in a period property, you are committing to a significant amount of money being spent. There is an abundance of value in modernising windows for any home regardless of age and size. Aside from the clear security benefits, it will also increase the sustainability factor, temperature control, and appearance too. Before beginning a window upgrade project, there are a few things to take into account. Read on below for more on the matter.

It Will Take Time

Ideally, the whole thing would be completed in a day’s work. However, this is not always the case. If you are updating all the windows on the property, it may take days to finish the work. It is better to stage the process so as to not leave the home vulnerable to easy opportunistic break-ins.

Material Choice

Plenty of professional suppliers like VEKA, invest in UPVC as the clear choice for window upgrades. UPVC does have a lot of benefits. Not only are the frames strong and stable, capable of supporting double and triple glazing, but they are highly customisable and adaptable to fit a range of security features too. Ideally, if you are replacing the glass, you should replace the frame as well as an update is not complete without the two parts being in sync.

Rectifying Decay

Decay is a significant factor in period properties. Over time, with wooden frames (as was the norm when most period properties were built), it rots and falls victim to weather conditions that may cause rot, breakage, and general deterioration. There is no point at all installing new glass into a rotten frame, and the majority of reputable suppliers won’t carry out the work if this is the case.

Opt for Double or Triple Glazed Glass Panes

The double or triple glazed glass will combat any issues you have currently with insulation. Both noise and temperature insulation are issues in older homes, specifically period properties owing to the way they were built. If the windows have never been updated, they will be single paned glass which not only lets in more sound from the outside but lets out sound from the inside as well. Aside from counteracting noise pollution, there is also the issue of keeping in the warmth and fighting off the cold. Double and triple glazing is extremely efficient in this context and will work to insulate the property from extreme elements while keeping in heat.

Consider the Aesthetics

One of the biggest appeals of period properties is their exterior and interior aesthetics. How these houses look is a big selling point, so you need to factor that in when choosing a new design for the windows. It would be a shame to decrease the house’s value (and therefore selling appeal) by installing windows that look out of place within the time period.

How to Upgrade Windows on a Period Property Summary

Upgrading windows on a period property requires due care and attention, and a professional installation to avoid damage and mishaps. Period properties have a certain appeal in how they look and when they were built, and the windows are a big part of this.

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