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Is it time for a roof repair: crucial signs

22 Sep 2019

Homeowners always get enthused about home renovation. They love to decorate their home interiors. And this makes most homeowners miss out on giving the required importance to their roof, which has an essential role to play.

Is it time for a roof repair? Ten crucial signs you shouldn’t miss out

Your roof is a crucial investment as it keeps you protected from the elements. But most homeowners are guilty of not taking adequate care of their roofs. They often don’t invest the required time and attention to notice the roof loopholes. Sometimes, homeowners also miss out on roofing inspections that can detect the possible issues you might be having. When you address these issues right at the start, you can avert costly roof replacements for a long time.

Every roof structure has a lifecycle! Proper care, maintenance, and upkeep can lengthen the lifetime to a great extent. Hence, homeowners must contact an expert roofing contractor for routine inspections and repairs. To know more about this, you can get in touch with roofing Bingham Canyon.

Also, homeowners should learn the signs of roof repair. Once they know the signs, they should keep a tab on their roof structure and call for immediate repair should they notice any of these signs! Are you aware of the symptoms of a roof repair? If you are not, then the following pointers can help you.

  1. Cracked or missing shingles

Are the roof shingles missing, curled, or cracked? If you notice any three of these signs, you need call in a roofing contractor for a replacement. The roof shingles are a vital part of securing the roof structure. Hence, if the shingles look that they about get damaged completely, call in for professional help. Else consider the age of the roof shingles. If it is close to 25 years or more, ensure that you conduct a roofing inspection and arrange for the necessary repair.

  1. Wet, dark, and murky shingles

If there’s moisture in the shingles, then it isn’t a good sign. Also, do the shingles appear wet, dark, and dirty? If yes, that is clear to get the same replaced. Make sure that the water flows downhill. Hence, the source for moisture gets placed beneath the roof shingle.

  1. Presence of granules in the gutter

Do you have asphalt or composite shingles? If yes, sometimes you might notice granules inside the gutter. It takes place when shingles start to wear out ultimately. The granules appear like black sand which also has a coarse structure. And when you find them in vast quantities, chances are your shingles are crying out for attention.

  1. Has the paint started to peel off?

If you find the exterior color of your house is beginning to get peeled and is in blisters, it is a sign of humidity and moisture-generating in the attic, close to the roofline. It also indicates that the gutter in the system has failed. Either way, when you find the external paint getting peeled off, you need to get in touch with a roofing contractor.

  1. There are signs of wear and tear close to the roof openings

Your roof shows signs of damage gradually! The initial signs are in various openings, such as the vents, pipes, chimneys as well as any other opening that enters through the roof. When you get to see this damage, it is essential to arrange for repair. If you address this instantly, you can keep your roof in a functioning condition for a longer time. It helps to halt the damage for a while and gives you more time before a complete roof replacement.

  1. Ceiling stains

It appears like a common sign but needs proper attention. Also, the roof damage signs are not always on the home exterior. You need to take a close look at the damages that take place inside your house as well. Should you come across water stains or any discoloration marks, there is an issue of the underlayment. And this underlayment is accountable for averting moisture from walking inside the house. And if it is not performing well, you must think of getting the roof replaced.

  1. The attic has leaks

Does the attic get wet after rainstorms? If yes, then you should start to pay close attention to the roof. You might have to replace a flashing. Also, if the problem is with underlayment, which is causing attic leaks, then you should contact a roofing contractor immediately and ask for the intelligent solution.

  1. When your roof deck sags

Are the rafters and decking of the attic sagging? If yes, then it indicates that moisture is leaking inside the house. Also, if you get to see this early on, then you can work out a solution and prevent severe roof damages. However, if you overlook this problem, chances are you might have to say yes to a costly roof replacement, much before you the average lifecycle of your roof.

  1. Presence of light inside the attic

Homeowners should check inside their attic once or twice during a day! If you find light streams coming through, then you need to get careful. Light can seep inside, and the water can also enter. You need to check if there’s a shingle missing. When you come across this sign, don’t take it lightly. Make sure to act upon it and call the roofing contractor. Chances are minimal repair might help to resolve this issue. Else, you might have to pay for costly repairs later.

  1. Increased energy bills

Do you have fluctuating energy bills? Is it increasing for the time being? If yes, chances are your air conditioner is getting heater up more than usual. Most often than not, it is an issue with your roof. There can be leaks or other ventilation issues in the attic. The ideal solution is to get a roofing contractor to detect your roof condition to check for faults and loopholes. This way, you can resolve the issue.

These are the ten essential signs of roof repair! Once you spot any one or more of these signs, make sure to address them with the help of a professional roofing contractor in your area.

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