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Perthshire House, Scotland Property

Mark Walker Architects House near Perth, Perthshire, Scotland, UK.

post updated 28 October 2023

Contemporary Rural Scottish Property

Perthshire house by Mark Walker Architects

Perthshire Property by Mark Walker Architects

This is where I’m missing a slide

“well you can make your own words up for these”

Mark Walker on his four words to sum up his take on the world of architecture, starting off with…Mark!

Mr Walker took us on an arduous journey, starting off slowly in the ‘First Year Introduction to Architecture’ lecture complete with dark slides and badly-photocopied slides, no slides and squint slides…”you can see the circulation” he said about what looked like Sverre Fehn’s project, a minute cross on a faded page.

Scottish Highland House by Mark Walker Architects

We stumbled on and at last made it to the house “which is, I guess, why I was invited here” said Mark to the audience’s bemused amusement. I was relieved to now see a project of his own, but maybe this was a false dawn.

After yet another image of the ’80s-style scene of blinds and Breuer chairs, white baby grand squashed unbecomingly and ‘I’ve tricked you’ mirror wall there was a call from stage left to quickly bring the rambling to a halt. Many must have winced as the college lecture ran out of steam, with some of the world’s great architects waiting in the wings: an embarrassment to him, an insult to them.

Highland Houses by rural design

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Scottish Parliament

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Highland Croft at Clachaig

Other Highlands Houses include an Aberdeenshire house and houses on the edge of the Highlands in places like the Campsie Fells

Highlands House by Brennan & Wilson

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Pylon House, West Lothian
Pylon House
property picture from the architect studio
Pylon House

anabo house – modern Scottish home prototype design by contemporary Edinburgh architect Andy Stoane
property picture from architect practice
anabo house

St Bernard’s Row house
St Bernard's Row house
property photo from the architects office
St Bernard’s Row house

Newhaven Road House
Newhaven Road House
property photograph from the architect studio
Newhaven Road House

Hart Street House, Broughton, New Town

Circus Lane houses, New Town

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