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The Scotsman Edinburgh Office

Holyrood Road Media News Offices, Edinburgh Old Town commercial property design by CDA Architects, Scotland

Scotsman Newspaper HQ + Offices, Edinburgh
Design: CDA Architects

Address: The Scotsman Publications Limited, Barclay House, 108 Holyrood Road, Edinburgh, EH8 8AS

Contact Details: Phone the Main Reception: 0131 620 8620

The Scotsman Scotsman Newspaper, Edinburgh Edinburgh Evening News
images from CDA Architects, Edinburgh

The Scotsman Newspaper

Grand frontage to Holyrood Road, stepped to south facing Royal Park of Arthur’s Seat. Built for the Barclay Brothers.

Scotsman Newspaper, Edinburgh
This building is the home of The Scotsman and Edinburgh Evening News, papers owned by the Barclay Brothers.

The Scotsman
office property photo from CDA Architects, Edinburgh

The front stone facade facing Holyrood Road – featuring a large bronze thistle sculptural emblem, Scotsman newspaper masthead – is not overly liked by many. The symmetrical facade seems overbearing and does not seem to suit the tenor of Holyrood Road.

The Scotsman Edinburgh
building image © Adrian Welch

The rear facade however is more successful with luxurious terrace facing onto Salisbury Crags, partly secluded by mature trees, and popular with staff. The gently-vaulted gables stepping down to the parkland is a neat solution, and the materials are much lighter and modern than the front.

The side facades of The Scotsman building are clean and ordered – relieved by honey-coloured rusticated sandstone and subtle recessed bays – but like the frontage, slighlty conservative compared to the general Holyrood context, but no doubt pleasing many, including the Client.

Holyrood Park House, building adjacent to The Scotsman Newspaper offices, also by CDA.

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Scotsman Newspaper, Edinburgh The Scotsman
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