Perfect modern bathroom design pro tips, Home bath space decor style advice

Pro tips for designing the perfect modern bathroom

15 May 2024

We all know that the bathroom can be a haven from the worries and pressures of the world. Therefore, it should be a space that incorporates splendour and function seamlessly. You want cutting-edge materials and a design that is pleasing to the eye every time you visit.

To ensure that your bathroom is as perfect as possible, we’ll share a few pro tips that experts all agree are necessary for the modern home.

Perfect modern bathroom design pro tips

Don’t listen to every trend report

There are many bathroom experts who would have you install everything that’s in vogue, but do you really need it all? Double sinks, bathtubs, and rain showerheads, for example, are all objects that regularly pop up as must-have bathroom items. However, you must consider what you need for your own home and only install what’s completely necessary for your lifestyle.

Choose lasting fixtures with high-class materials

One of the first things visitors notice in any bathroom are the plumbing fixtures. Quality materials and a reliable brand name help when choosing the right showerheads and basin taps. After all, these aren’t items you want to replace every couple of years because of a flaky surface and degrading nozzle.

It’s good to visit a showroom to see plumbing fixtures up close for your bathroom, but checking these out online is also convenient. The GROHE range can show you the tap model and finish, which means you can plan for your budget and find something that already fits your design scheme.

Lighting is the way forward

We’ve already discussed how an LED mirror can help brighten up a bathroom, but there are other aspects to lighting that are worth considering. First, a dimmer switch is one of the most important parts of bathroom lighting. Bright, white light is vital for shaving, applying makeup, brushing teeth, etc., but you can make the area much more relaxing with less harsh illumination – a dimmer is perfect for when you are taking a relaxing shower or bath.

Never underestimate the usefulness of tiling

In an otherwise plain white bathroom, the right tiles can make a strong impact on the design. It’s true that you could go wild and lay down tiles on every inch of wall, but we think it’s enough just to tile on certain areas.

Tiles behind the sink work well as a backsplash and for protecting the wall, and right now dark blue is one of the favoured options. Anything blue simply relates to water, such as the sea or a lake, and it’s hard not to feel a sense of calmness when adding blue tiling. It is also essential to have tiles around the shower or bath.

Perfect modern bathroom design style

Make storage a big priority when making a bathroom plan

A customisable storage plan is never a bad idea, but if that sounds too complicated, then at least include a spacious vanity and bathroom mirror that doubles as a cabinet. For apartment bathrooms, especially, space can often be tricky to find, so include as many storage options as possible in this area.

No one wants to see bottles, jars, spare toilet paper, and other bathroom items scattered around the room, so try to hide away everything in drawers, cupboards, and shelves so that the bathroom always looks picture-perfect. You could pretend that potential buyers are coming to visit to ensure that everything not bolted down is stored away somewhere!

If you’ve got the space for it, then a vintage wooden cupboard painted green or blue is one of the most sought-after items for a contemporary bathroom. In a room with modern taps and other fixtures, it somehow works perfectly to have natural materials like wood in the bathroom. Don’t forget to add some plant life for much-needed greenery, as certain plants (ferns, orchids, lilies, and ivy work best) even thrive in moist, dark areas like the bathroom and help to clean the air.

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