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5 Alternative Things To Do In Edinburgh

15 May 2024

Edinburgh, one of the most visited destinations in Europe, offers visitors a little bit of everything (OK, maybe not sunshine, but everything else!). Simply walking the old streets can be enough to make a trip to the city worth it. There’s also countless things to do, far more than the standard attractions that everyone visits. So once you’re done with Edinburgh Castle and the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, to name just two popular sites, take a look at doing some of the more obscure things the city has to offer.

Let’s take a look at just a few alternative ways to pass some time in this great city.

Things to do in Edinburgh

Hit A Different Kind of Museum

Everyone visits the National Museum of Scotland, and so they should. However, if that’s the only museum you’re visiting on your trip to Edinburgh, then you’ll be missing out on some outstanding — and often weird — institutions that can be just as fun as Edinburgh’s primary museum. The Museum on the Mound, for instance, focuses on everything related to money and coinage. Like the pound, it’s small but mighty. If you’re a literature fan, then the Writers’ Museum is a must visit. That one focuses on three titans of Scottish literature: Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Walter Scott, and Robert Burns.

If you’re not squeamish, then pay a visit to Surgeons’ Hall Museums. There you’ll see a peek into the anatomical dissection practices of the past, specimens-in-jars included.

Spend an Evening at the Casino

Fancy a game of poker while you’re in town? Then you’ll have a couple of options. You can play at an online casino (many of which accept players in Scotland) or you can swing by one of the city’s many real-world casinos. The best brick-and-mortar option is probably Genting Casino Fountain Park, a highly-acclaimed and popular casino near Haymarket. This establishment offers a wide range of games, but its main game is poker. They even host poker tournaments. This casino is slightly more upscale and formal than other casinos in the city, so it’s recommended to play a few games online before you pay a visit. Relative newcomers to poker will also find it useful to read up on the essential skills they need, too; as we said, this place has a strict dress code (formal wear is essential) and tends to attract a higher-the-average calibre of player. If you want to play poker while you’re in Edinburgh but don’t fancy going to a formal real-world casino, then playing online at a digital casino is always an option, too — online casinos are legal in Scotland, and have been since 2005. Alternatively, if you want to visit Genting Casino but don’t wish to play table or slot games, then you can always stick to the onsite restaurant and bars, which are of a high standard.

Witness a Scientific Miracle 

Dolly the Sheep. Now, we’re sure that’s a name you’ve not heard in a long, long time. Dolly was big news in the late nineties and early 2000s, thanks to her slightly unusual origin story. There aren’t too many Finn-Dorset sheep who were cloned. In fact, she was the first. Dolly left this mortal realm back in 2003, but fans — or the morbidly curious — can pay their respects by visiting her remains at the National Museum of Scotland. It’s not every day that you get to take a photo with a clone (well, we hope, anyway)!

Things to do in Edinburgh

Watch a Movie at The Dominion

Dominion Cinema has been entertaining Edinburgh’s locals since 1937. Just think of the movies that have been shown on those screens! Today, people don’t just visit the cinema thanks to its history — though that is a selling point — but also because of the first-class movie experience it offers. This is one of the best cinemas in the UK, with comfortable leather couches, plenty of legroom, and even free pringles. Note that, for this experience, you’ll need to book a ticket for the First-Class Lounge. If the rain is falling in Edinburgh and your feet are tired from all the exploring you’ve been doing, then this might just be the best place to spend your evening.

Try Vegan Haggis

Not so keen on haggis? Can’t try it because you’re a vegan, and traditional haggis is very much meat-based? Then consider ordering yourself some vegan haggis. Edinburgh may look old, but it has a modern mindset, and some outstanding chefs have perfected the meat-free version of haggis. Full of lentils and beans, it’s filling and delicious, and is on its way to becoming a staple of Scottish cuisine.

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