Pittville Street Property, Joppa house images, Contemporary Portobello Home Design

Cramond House, Edinburgh Property

Coal Bunker: 102 Pittville St, Joppa, Edinburgh design by Crichton Wood Architects, Scotland

post updated 19 November 2023

Property name: ‘Coal Bunker’

Date built: 2007

Design: Crichton Wood, Architect

Pittville Street Property
Joppa house photo from the architect studio

Pittville Street House

Pittville Street House
Joppa home picture from the architect studio

Edinburgh Architectural Association Awards 2008: Small Projects Winner: Coal Bunker

Pittville Street
modern Portobello home image from EAA 140308

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anabo house designed by local architect Andy Stoane
anabo house picture from the architect
anabo house

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St Bernard's Row house
St Bernard’s Row home photo from the architects
St Bernard’s Row house

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Newhaven Road House
Newhaven Road home photograph from the architect
Newhaven Road House

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Edinburgh Mews House
Inverleith Terrace Lane home picture from the architect studio
Inverleith Terrace Lane House

Lasswade Road Housing, Lasswade Road, Eskbank, Dalkeith, Midlothian – south of the city centre
Lasswade Road Housing
Eskbank property image © Keith Hunter
Lasswade Road Housing

Hart Street House, Broughton
Hart Street House
Broughton property picture from the architects studio
Hart Street House

Dean Bank Lane housing, Stockbridge, northwest of the city centre
Dean Bank Lane
Dean Bank Lane property picture from the architect practice
Dean Bank Lane housing

Circus Lane houses, Stockbridge, New Town Phase 2
Circus Lane House
Stockbridge property image © Adrian Welch
Circus Lane houses

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Buildings / photos for the Pittville Street House Edinburgh property in southeast Scotland design by Crichton Wood Architects, United Kingdom, page welcome.