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Plan A Successful Office Renovation Guide

14 March 2023

If you own a commercial property and you are preparing for a renovation, then there are certain things you need to keep in mind. A commercial office renovation is both intricate and challenging, not least because of the significant amount of time and budget that it can eat up.

The success of your renovation, therefore, rests entirely in the planning. There are a number of important factors that you need to take into account before getting started, starting with the most obvious:

Plan A Successful Office Renovation

How To Plan A Successful Office Renovation

Year Long Preparations

The mistake that many companies make before renovating is not taking the appropriate time to think through the details. As mentioned before, renovation is not cheap, and if you are taking time to think through these things while it is happening, then that is only taking more and more out of your pocket.

Make sure you start planning at least 12 months before the project begins, or ideally 18 months if you are a slightly larger company with more office space. If you get that head start, then you can nail down the size of your space, company growth, location, leases and everything that might become an issue while the work is ongoing.

Decide On The Process

Before work begins, you need to also decide on the process that you want to take when renovating. There are many different routes available to you, for instance, soft stripping, site clearing, dismantling, and demolition – visit for more information on these.

The route you pick will determine how successful the project is and how much of your budget can be utilised in key areas. You also need to take the company that you utilise into account. You need to make sure you go with a trusted company with a strong reputation and expertise to help you in the appropriate areas.

Take Stock Of Other Projects

During this time, you also need to set your sights beyond your own project. If you are struggling to work out how to design your office space, then look at competing industries and their own office space. Business is often about drawing inspiration from the opposition, rather than refusing to acknowledge their existence.

If you look at different designs, then you have a far better chance of being left with offices that are not only beautiful but will draw in new employees in the same way that your competitors are doing.

Ask For Inspiration

Speaking of employees, you can also ask your existing workforce for inspiration. Remember, this is about creating a healthy working environment, so your employees should have a say in what they want to be included.

Create a survey or – if you have a smaller team – actively get together and talk through the work that is going to be done, and they are sure to give you plenty of tips on work-space efficiency and comfort.

Always Communicate

One of the best ways to ensure this project is a success is through constant, clear communication. You need to know the cost and the schedule almost immediately, with a supported communication plan that is going to be kept throughout the project.

This will do away with any unexpected issues, as every individual is clued up on the process and what is going to be done on any given day. This will also help with reaching the set deadline and not dragging out the renovation job unnecessarily.

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