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Rubber Mulch Flooring – Surfacing from Soft Surfaces

6 Mar 2020

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The use of rubber mulch flooring option has been received with a lot of positivity as we aim to fight practices leading to pollution. The UK Environmental Protection Agency has approved the use of rubber mulch since it involves the recycling of abandoned tires which had been a growing concern. Rubber mulch surfacing has become popular now and you could learn more about it by visiting Soft Surfaces. Rubber mulch has become a reliable alternative flooring material that is ideal for landscaping.

Rubber Mulch Floors – Soft Surfaces

Let’s familiarize ourselves with some uses and applications of rubber mulch.

The use of rubber padding for playgrounds is known to provide that extra cushioning which is vital when kids are playing. It is a recycled product obtained by shredding old rubber tires that could otherwise end up in a landfill. Rubber mulch is readily available in a variety of colors which include blue, green, black and green. The essence of the different colors is to enhance the aesthetic aspect of the playing ground or park which in turn attracts the children.

Safety floors in a playground are important to protect children from injuries. Imagine a child playing climbing, losing grip and falling on hard ground. There are cases where a child pushes the other to the ground while playing. The bare ground will cause injuries to your kid but with the rubber padding, you’ll have control of the unavoidable since it will absorb the impact better.

Green solution

In addition to recycling tires that would otherwise have perforated the ozone layer, this is a better alternative, especially in high-traffic areas. The top ground layer has soil that is known to contain nutrients that are required in farms to grow food. Other flooring options such as concrete floors collect water puddles when it rains or collects water in one area which does not help the plants around.

On the other hand, rubber mulch allows the rain water to flow into the groundwater. The rubber padding comes from old and discarded tires. It decomposes very slowly and does not change color. It lasts longer than other organic mulch products and should not be replaced frequently. This is where savings come in since most mulches require a lot of maintenance and replacement.

Safety padding

The rubber padding is used in sports fields and in horse arenas because it has the ability to absorb stress and shock during the race. This allows athletes and horses to run longer without putting too much pressure on the knee and ankle joints. On the playground, the rubber padding minimizes scratches and bruises that children usually fall off. It is a great comfort to parents who are concerned about possible open wound infections.


The use of rubber mulch for sidewalks allows you to relax by walking barefoot without the worries of coming into contact with mud. Place a barrier between the artificial entrance and other parts of the landscape to prevent sharp gravel and dirty soil from mixing and reaching your toes. The wide range of colors also offers more interesting routes that complete the general aspect of the landscape. Be sure to choose a color that can overwhelm all other landscapes, unless you naturally prefer it.

Advantages for the gardener

Rubber mulch isolates the soil more effectively than organic mulch and keeps it warm and fertile. The rubber parts do not absorb water, which means that every drop reaches the plants and reduces water consumption. The dry gum pieces also form an effective barrier between the ground and unwanted weeds, the seeds of which are trapped in the mulch, become dehydrated and die. At the same time, the lack of moisture inhibits the growth of molds.

Another great advantage of using rubber mulch is that it’s very affordable and reliable. Nowadays, having rubber mulch in your playground is much better than having a lawn in the playground. In terms of cost, buying mulch is a big long-term saving. In fact, the tire material doesn’t deteriorate with the seasons, unlike the wood mulch, which only lasts two or three seasons before a new batch is needed. Therefore, rubber mulch is more likely to be found on streets like the zoo. Restaurants, shopping centers, pool yards, and many other places could benefit from the rubber mulch surfacing.

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