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The 3 Cheapest Residential and Commercial Packers And Movers In DC

18 Nov 2019

Moving from an apartment can be difficult and is often stressful especially if you want to go about it on your own. Although there are professional movers like All n 1 Stop moving and storage company in Washington DC that can handle the task of transporting your belongings, many homeowners are not aware of the many advantages that come with hiring a moving company.

Among the many advantages of hiring a professional mover, one of the obvious advantages is that it allows you to focus on other important things. Thus, while they concern themselves with how to transport your belongings to a new location, you can go about your normal task with a clear head.

Your choice of a professional packer is influenced by many factors as different packers offer different services. Some of the services offered by movers could cover transporting some or all of your belongings to a new location. You can also decide if you want them to handle the unpacking or if their duty should be limited to just packing. Whichever choice you make; it should be predicated on accurate cost-benefit analysis.

For example, though the cost of services offered by movers varies, the stress-free experience that you get to enjoy sometimes outweighs the cost. As a result, emphasis can always shift from cost to benefit derived from engaging the service of a moving company.

To ensure a balance between cost and satisfaction, the best line of action would be to contact cheap and good residential and commercial packers. Not only do you spend less, but they also offer quality service and help you achieve more in little time.

Cheap Residential Packers And Movers In DC USA
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The 3 cheapest residential packers & movers in Washington DC

Below is a list of the 3 cheapest residential and commercial packers and movers to choose from in Washington DC:

  1. Movers On Duty:Established in 2008, movers on duty has established itself among the top ranks of professional packers in Washington DC. The company which is located in Maryland delights specializes in assisting people to move in VA, MD, and Washington DC. Highly trained workers are assigned to your moving needs to ensure that your belongings are handled with care and professionalism. Some of the services this company render include:
  2. Packing service
  3. Commercial moving service
  4. Residential service
  5. Unpacking service
  6. Home arrangement
  7. Assembly of furniture
  8. Safe moving
  9. Piano moving service

The company is licensed and insured to render the above-mentioned services, and they render the services with a mark of excellence. As if to assert their dominance, the company offers affordable services as one of the best options to go for when you are considering packing out of a place. Other unique features of Movers On Duty include:

  • Assurance: After operating for so many years, the company draws from a pool of experience to satisfy the customer’s needs. They understand how to pack and unpack effectively without causing damage to your belongings.
  • They carefully plan the movement of items across different routes.
  • The staff strength is made up of highly trained professionals with the right qualifications and skills needed for the job.
  • They have and maintain the right moving equipment that will guarantee a successful moving experience.
  1. Phoenix Movers: Phoenix movers are well known for giving their clients the best moving experience at an affordable cost. One of the core beliefs of the company is that every client is different and should be treated as one. Hence, no two clients are treated in the same way. As a result, each client enjoys a remarkable rather than a stressful movement. The company is insured and bonded to offer the following services:
  2. Packing and unloading.
  3. Furniture placement and arrangement at the new location
  4. Long-distance move
  5. Padding furniture
  6. Office relocation
  7. Storage

Other features that have helped the company stand out include:

  • They work based on the customer’s needs.
  • They offer both hourly and flat rate.
  • They can accommodate short time notice and are open all week.
  • They are well equipped to carry any kind of item either big or small.
  • They are insured and bonded to perform their services.

Check out for more information on movers license, bond, and insurance.

Cheapest Residential Packers And Movers In DC USA
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  1. All n 1 Stop: One feature that makes the All n 1 stop stand out is affordability. Like affordability is not enough, the company also renders a top-notch service that not many movers can boast of. Dedicated to ensuring that clients are not stressed out while moving, the employees are trained to deal with every kind of stress associated with moving. Everything from packing, secured storage, and final moving can be handled by All n 1 Stop moving and storage company in Washington DC. They are capable of handling commercial moving, residential moving and cleaning, and trash removal. They are also:
  • Customer-service oriented.
  • Uphold the old-fashion values.
  • Stay organized, professional, and friendly.
  • Time-oriented.


You don’t need to cringe at the thought of moving to a new location. If handled by professionals, the process can be stress-free and enjoyable. Whatever part of Washington you are from, the companies listed above promises to offer you value for your money. To ensure a smooth moving experience, be sure of what you want and be on your best behavior with the movers, after all, they have feelings too. Click here for tips on how you can help your movers.

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