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Visiting Edinburgh – Scottish Capital

Touring in the Scottish Capital City – Destination Scotland: Architecture Guide

8 Aug 2018

Visiting Edinburgh, Scotland

Visiting Edinburgh in South East Scotland

Things to know before visiting Edinburgh
With magic in every corner, exploring the streets of Edinburgh is always a lovely idea.

Riddled with history, art, architecture and adventure you will surely be appalled by the beauty of this place. Considered to be the ancient capital of Scotland, this city is dominated by Gothic buildings, cultural artifacts and local stores that have its own charm. For people looking forward to an exciting holiday trip with their loved ones, Edinburgh can be your perfect destination.

The unspoken beauty of the natural landscapes is sure to make your trip a memorable one. Some of the useful things you need to know before visiting this place are as follows-

Expect crowds!

Considered to be UKs second most visited city, this city has a large number of visitors from June to September. Be it the Royal Mile, Princes Street or the shopping avenue that forms a border between castle garden and Newtown, the city is always crowded. But the best part is you are always a few minutes away from quieter places like squares, cemeteries, hidden gardens and peaceful neighborhoods. So, always try to book restaurants and pubs beforehand to avoid disappointment and hunger.

Serviced apartments are a perfect savior!

Edinburgh has an array of options when it comes to luxury hotel services. But there is nothing comforting than a serviced apartment by Staycity that offers you all the amenities for comfortable living. Just a small walk from Haymarket train station, the apartments are integrated with features like unlimited Wi-Fi, microwave, ironing facilities, TV and DVD player on request. The spacious Edinburgh city apartments by Staycity are located centrally and are pretty close to Cineworld cinema, George Square, Edinburgh castle, Edinburgh airport, Princes Street and Waverley Station. So, enjoy a homely environment in these apartments that makes your stay even more enjoyable.

There is always more than bagpipes and haggis!

During the peak tourism session, you can always expect bagpipe players dressed traditionally in almost all the street corners of the city centre. Also, enjoying a savory meal of haggis, Scotland’s national dish is like a must-have here!

But there is a lot more than local culinary flavors and bagpipes as well! Venture further from the city centre to check new stylish bars, live music venues and dance clubs. For art and culture lovers, Summer hall is the perfect venue for local art and theatre performance. You can also enjoy a lip-smacking meal of lamb and cumin dumplings at Chop Chop or witness the magic of sea food in this city.

Get to know the locals!
Tourists are always a constant presence in Edinburgh, particularly during the summer months! Local folks are used to giving recommendations, guiding you the directions or talk about the local history of the city. Pubs, cafes and small dining areas around Rose Street and Broughton Street are favored by the locals.

Strike a conversation with the locals or simply talk to the staff who possess a wealth of knowledge about this city. Do not forget to say a simple “thanks you” when you are given useful recommendations.

Explore the city by walking!

The perfect combination of different architectural styles of the city coupled with narrow lanes and winding stairways calls for walking aro0und the city! Appreciate the beauty of the city as you walk across the streets and corners witnessing the beauty.

Enjoy the spectacular view of Scoot Monuments and Edinburgh castle before you leave the place. Do not forget to bring a sturdy pair of shoes to comfortably deal with cobbles streets.

Ideal to travel during the summer months, the weather conditions can bring four seasons together in a day. So, do not forget to include a waterproof jacket, a warm fleece and an umbrella along with your t-shirts, skirts and shorts.

Edinburgh Architecture

Courtyard by Marriott Edinburgh City Centre Hotel

Royal High School Building

Jenners Department Store

Scottish Parliament Building

St James Quarter Edinburgh
St James Quarter Edinburgh
image of the development
St James Quarter

New Town St James


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