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Why Are 2BHK Flats Best Investment in Real Estate?

Good Financial Returns from Two Bedroom Property Accommodation

27 Nov 2018

2 Bed Flats Best Real Estate Investment

Why Are 2BHK Flats Best Investment in Real Estate?

2 Bedroom, Hall and Kitchen apartments are perhaps the best value for your money. When it comes to good ROI for your money, nothing beats real estate. 2BHK flats take the victory because they are a popular investing option.

The Cost Frame

Why are two-bed apartments very popular? Is it the cost factor or there is some other reason? If you compare costs, a one-bedroom flat is more affordable than two-bedroom options. But the one bedroom flats offer less space and amenities as their bigger counterparts.

In some areas, the cost of 2BHK Flats is more than half percent higher. 1BHK unit at comparatively are better at the locality and cost higher. 2BHK have amenities like swimming pool, adequate parking space, and internal roads. These may lead the buyer to stray their budget. If interested, you can check 2 bed flats to rent in Aberdeen here.

Future Proofing

Metropolitan cities where people come to make a living have strong home buying plans which include 1BHK options. However, people who have been in these cities for a while and have made progress in their careers opt for a spacious residential solution. 2BHK Flats are a popular option because they offer more space, better amenities with great money value. Real estate has been one of the best sectors for investment. It offers low maintenance and long-term benefits.

Family with low incomes opt for 1BHK, a family with higher income prefer 2HK whereas with even higher income prefer 3BHK flats.

Every unit has its own benefits. 1BHK is the affordable option, 2BHK is great value for money where 3BHK or more are considered a luxury option.

Ideal for Most Families

2BHK is ideal for most including nuclear and small. They offer a great return on investment. They are ideal for a family with four members. These are compact homes that look organized. Most cities are designed with two-bedroom flats instead of 1bhk, 3bhk or more. Buying 2 BHK will help you save money. It’s ideal for people looking to save money. These flats are ideal for budget-friendly living. They are not designed as a budget-oriented option like 1BHK.

You cannot decide whether a living option is ideal for you based on room availability. You need to mind other things as well. You need to mind the whole picture.

Great Investment

In case you are buying the 2BHK for investment purpose rather than living, then it’s profitable and suitable. While the rent ROI is not good, the Resale value of 2BHK flats is great. They don’t depreciate quickly. Just be realistic with your approach. Do some research work to understand how the market works. You need to base your decision on the market reports and trends.

Low Cost

A big reason why flats are favored over houses is they are affordable to maintain. Maintenance costs are a bit higher than 1BHK. But the amenities and added space is worth the difference. The price difference between a 1BHK and 2BHK can be anywhere between 30%-60% depending on various factors like Area, Space, Interior, etc.

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