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BAE Edinburgh : British Aerospace

British Aeropsace Redevelopment, Crewe Toll, Scotland – 1930s Scottish architecture landmark in the capital city

post updated 1 November 2023

Crewe Toll property redevelopment for Redrow Homes as a property development.

BAE Building Edinburgh

BAE Edinburgh
BAe Crewe Toll building photo © Adrian Welch

The Thirties ‘landmark tower’ was saved in 2002-03 (right). This followed a brief campaign to protect the landmark entry tower by Cockburn Association & this site – Edinburgh Contemporary Architecture.

BAE Phase 1

The new-build BAE development at Crewe Toll in north Edinburgh is now completed:

BAE, Crewe Toll BAE, Edinburgh
BAe Crewe Toll building pictures from the architect office

BAE Crewe Toll

BAE Directorate Building
£14m 60,000sqm, four-storey building.

British Aerospace have commissioned £12m of subsequent refurbishment work.

BAE Phase 2
£17m office & laboratories including refurbishment of the B-listed landmark tower (as above) onto Crewe Toll roundabout.

Scottish Parliament

BAE Systems – British Aerospace at Silverknowes / Crewe Toll

News Excerpt re BAE building

British Aerospace: Silverknowes
BAE Systems has started handing over buildings on one of its sites for demolition. Redrow Homes will be taking over the BAE base at Silverknowes which was granted outline planning permission for a change to housing in Sep 2001.

Jun 2003

British Aerospace, UK

British Aerospace plc (BAe) was a British aircraft, munitions and defence-systems manufacturer that was formed in 1977. Its head office was at Warwick House in the Farnborough Aerospace Centre in Farnborough, Hampshire.

It purchased Marconi Electronic Systems, the defence electronics and naval shipbuilding subsidiary of the General Electric Company, in 1999 to form BAE Systems.

The GEC merger to create a solely British company, compared to the prospective Anglo-German company that would have resulted from merging with DASA, was promoted as having superior prospects for further penetration of the lucrative defence market of the United States of America. The newly combined company, which was initially referred to as “New British Aerospace”, was officially formed on 30 November 1999; it is named BAE Systems.

Buildings near Crewe Toll

North Edinburgh Architectural Designs near Crewe Toll – recent selection from this website:

Telford College


Granton Harbour

Granton Strand

Granton Harbour Residential Development

Granton Masterplan

Granton School

Edinburgh Architecture

Contemporary Edinburgh Architectural Designs – recent selection from this website:

Dance Base
Dance Base
photo : Steffen Schefer

Napier University
Napier University
picture from the architect

Point Hotel Edinburgh
Point Hotel Edinburgh
photo : Steffen Schefer

Travel Inn Edinburgh
Travel Inn Edinburgh
photograph : Steffen Schefer

Scottish Widows
Scottish Widows Edinburgh
picture © Adrian Welch


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