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BIM Outsourcing vs in-House Teams: How to Make Use of Pros and Avoid Cons

5 August 2021

Almost everyone who started their own business faced the question “Which is better: resort to outsourcing or assemble your own team?” Any of these solutions have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, in order to answer this question, you should understand them and choose for yourself what is personally suitable for your business: BIM Outsourcing or in-House team?

BIM outsourcing vs in-house teams

BIM Outsourcing & in-House team: What’s the difference?

Outsourcing BIM. Have you ever thought about the fact that people are outsourcing every day? When your computer breaks down, you don’t assemble a team of service workers at home, you go to specially designated places and give the computer for repair. Likewise, when a problem arises in a company, it is easier for a manager to hire qualified specialists instead of training his people.

In-House BIM team. In this case, you have complete independence and control over everything. Your employees are one close-knit team, and you are in complete control over them, their work, efficiency, and growth. You recruit them from the very beginning and control the robots at all stages, so you know them like no other. The pace and process of work are set by you.

How to Make Use of Pros and Avoid Cons of using BIM Outsourcing

If you are inclined to choose BIM outsourcing services, you will find the following pros:

  • Profitability

Outsourcing can really help you save costs if you use it correctly. Where in some countries the average salary for an employee is $ 100-150, in others it may be $ 20-40 or even less. Thus, by hiring employees from middle-class countries, you will save not only time but also your costs.

  • Short term arrangement

An important advantage is that you hire a specialist for a short time to complete a specific task. In addition, you will act as a client who ordered services, so if something happens, you can terminate the contract at any time.

  • Professionalism

Do what you do best, and entrust the rest of the work to professionals in your field. Therefore, you should not take on a job that you do not understand. For this, there are outsourcing services, in which specialists will do everything at the highest level, because reputation is dear to them. For example, there is Powerkh BIM Company that offers virtual design and construction services for architects, designers, engineers, surveyors and other professionals.

If this way of solving your problem, as outsourcing is right for you, before use of outsourcing services should take into account cons:

  • Minimal engagement

You will have to completely trust the professionals, because you will not have the opportunity to participate in the process and control it. But in order for everything to be as you want, you should document all your requirements, and then the process will most likely go according to your plan.

  • The quality of the result is only at the finish

Every customer wants to get a quality result. But you will have the opportunity to see the result only at the end of the work. Therefore, there are risks of hiring outsourcing services in the competence of their employees. Try to choose an outsourcing company carefully so as not to throw money down the drain.

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How to Make Use of Pros and Avoid Cons of using in-House BIM Team

After evaluating the advantages of outsourcing BIM, it became quite obvious that it is profitable to order outsourcing services. But there is also an in-House BIM Team, let’s see what it’s pros are:

  • Confidence

When you yourself understand your employees, you have complete confidence in their competence. They will most likely be well versed in all BIM procedures and processes. Thus, you know exactly how they will do the job, and you will be confident in the result. In extreme cases, if you fail to fulfill your duties, you can remove the employee from performing the assigned tasks.

  • Full involvement

Control throughout the project. You can make edits at any time if something went wrong, you can control the process at any stage. As a result, the work should turn out the way you wanted.

When working with an in-House BIM team, you may encounter many cons such as:

  • High price

The cost of hiring employees in outsourcing companies, as already mentioned, will be significantly less than hiring your own employees.

  • Blurred boundaries

It’s good if you immediately manage to find professionals who suit you. But not always you can assess their professionalism in a short time. Therefore, when you do not have a lot of time to complete a specific project, you will hardly have time to train your employees and explain the tasks.

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