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The Outsider Restaurant Edinburgh Review

Edinburgh Dining Review – Eating Out in the Old Town

The Outsider Bar & Restaurant

Address: 15 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EE, Scotland

Contact: +44 (0)131 226 3131

The Outsider, Edinburgh : Restaurant Review

13 May 2008

Ok, so we went back to this joint that on our first visit gave us lunch menus then on ordering not a single item was available….this time for dinner, we had much more luck, with sun streaming through the large west-facing windows and a view of the castle the omens were good. Service was very good, friendly and efficient, sometimes though I wish waiters would cast their eyes around the room a little more, I missed the gist of a few stories whilst trying valiantly to wave down a waiter!

There are no starters here, a nice idea, but some dishes have a double skewer so can be shared. We kept it simple and had a meal each with shared rocket and parmesan salad. The food was good all round, but what really makes this place is it character – the snug in the corner, the cosy mezzanine, the lovely old wooden floors. There’s a down-to-earth feel about the place, not too many spotlights or fussy table decorations. The place was packed on our visit so clearly is doing something right. We now recommend this restaurant, perhaps we were unlucky last time?

Adrian Welch

Eating Out in Edinburgh

Old Town Restaurant

George IV Bridge


Edinburgh restaurants we don’t recommend!

Recent trip for lunch reminded us – having been to the States, Germany and Denmark this Summer – how lousy Scottish service can be. Entering Maxies (on the wonderful terrace above Victoria Street) we enquired re lunch and were met by a surly response, no eye contact and an odd invitation to look at dinner menus (as they didn’t have lunch menus to hand), with the smell of disinfectant it was enough to make us about turn. We wandered past Deacon Brodies, had never been down this Close and won’t be back, it looked charming but the place smelt stuffy and the sandwiches were all pre-wrapped, ugh!

The Outsider Edinburgh : Restaurant Review

So we thought we’d try the Outsider on George IV Bridge, big mistake, it looks great but, quite a while after we ordered, the waitress came back all nonchalant and said none, that’s NONE of our selections were available. Quite frankly we weren’t going to pay prices of up to £22 for a main in a joint where those who wait don’t even have a grasp of what’s available, doh!

We paid for our opened bottle of water and left, gave up on restaurants and tried a wee Italian cafe [Caffe Lucano, 37-39 George IV] on the other side of the road near the Museum of Scotland. Great snakes – molto bene: fresh food and no pretentious menus! We were starving by now but thankfully we’d found some people who seemed to understand how to serve a lunch!

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