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Edinburgh Photos

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Old Town Photos– Complete List

FruitmarketAdrian Welch; text link: A.WelchFruitmarket: existingRichard Murphy Architects
Fruitmarket: newRichard Murphy ArchitectsFruitmarket: interiorRichard Murphy Architects
Northern Lights#1 @ FMGPeter Fink – image; A.Welch – photoNorthern Lights#2 @ FMGPeter Fink – image; A.Welch – photo
Northern Lights: wingsAdrian WelchStills GalleryAdrian Welch
Pizza ExpressAdrian WelchRFACAdrian Welch
Old Town fishbone viewCharles McKean’s GuideCanongate HousingRichard Murphy Architects
Canongate HousingRichard Murphy ArchitectsCanongate HousingRichard Murphy Architects
Scottish Poetry LibraryAdrian Welch; text link: A.WelchCranes / Dynamic EarthAdrian Welch
Parliament modelRMJM Scotland LtdParliament: 9 image linksRMJM Scotland Ltd
Parliament MSP imageAdrian WelchParliament MSP imageAdrian Welch
Parliament MSP imageAdrian WelchThe ParkAdrian Welch
Dynamic EarthAdrian WelchDynamic EarthAdrian Welch
The TunAMA: Cameron WelshThe TunAMA: Cameron Welsh
Housing:MacLachlanSteffen ScheferHousing:Ungless&LatimerAdrian Welch
Old CollegeAdrian WelchRoyal MuseumAdrian Welch
Former Dental SchoolLee BoydBelugaBeluga
Beluga linksBelugaUniversity LibraryAdrian Welch
University Library linkStefen SchefferUniversity Library linkSteffen Schefer
Festival TheatreAdrian WelchFestival TheatreAdrian Welch
Museum of ScotlandAdrian Welch; text link: B&FMuseum of Scotland pageEntry hall: B&F – Richard Bryant
Museum of Scotland pageWest Elevation: B&F- Helen BinetMuseum of Scotland pageRotunda – Adrian Welch
Museum of Scotland pageCourt: B&F – Richard BryantMuseum of Scotland page‘Chasm’ – B&F
Museum of Scotland pageRoof view: B&F – Richard BryantMuseum of Scotland pageSouth Court : B&F –
Richard Bryant
Museum of Scotland pageBasement shot: B&F- Helen BinetMuseum of Scotland pageBasement shot: B&F-
Helen Binet
Tron KirkAdrian WelchTron HousingRichard Murphy Architects
Tron NurseryAMA: Steven McGillivaryThe HubAdrian Welch
Old Town modelAdrian WelchCastle drawingCharles McKean’s Guide

Lothian Road Photos – Complete List

Dance BaseAdrian Welch; text links: MFA.Metro RestaurantAdrian Welch
Point HotelSteffen Schefer; links: ScheferMonboddo’s BarSteffen Schefer
Saltire CourtAdrian WelchExchange MasterplanSean Gallagher
Edinburgh OneAdrian WelchScottish WidowsAdrian Welch
EICC parapetAdrian WelchEICC entryJonathan Speirs & Associates
Sheraton Health ClubAdrian WelchSheraton Health Club linkDavid Churchill
City Travel InnAdrian WelchRIAS: text linkAdrian Welch
Caledonian HotelAdrian Welch

New Town Photos – Complete List

Dean Gallery: TowerAdrian WelchDean Gallery: frontageTim Soar copyright
Dean Gallery: interior linkTerry Farrell & PartnersSNGMA: frontageAdrian Welch
SNGMA: GymnasiumLee Boyd PartnershipSNGMA: Gymnasium linkLee Boyd Partnership
SNGMA: Gymnasium linkLee Boyd PartnershipThe Bonham EntryAdrian Welch
The Bonham Dining Rm.Steffen ScheferPizza ExpressKeith Hunter
West Register HouseAdrian WelchGeorgian HouseAdrian Welch
RSA Project ModelKeith HunterRSA context viewAdrian Welch
RSA Project ModelKeith HunterRSA Project ModelKeith Hunter
National GalleryAdrian Welchrick’sMalcolm Fraser Architects
rick’s:Description shotsMalcolm Fraser ArchitectsScott MonumentAdrian Welch
Balmoral HotelAdrian WelchRegister HouseAdrian Welch
Waverley Station Modeltext link: Matthew Priestman Arch.Waverley Station ModelDuffy & Batt Architects
St.Jame’s CentreAdrian WelchJohn Lewis’sAdrian Welch
Calton SquarePixel ImageCalton Square: on siteAdrian Welch
Calton Square: on siteAntony MacnaghtenCalton Square: modelAMA
Calton Square: w/colourJim DouglasCalton Square: on siteAntony Macnaghten
Calton Square: on siteAdrian WelchScottish ProvidentAdrian Welch
The Walk-Harvey Nic’sComprehensive DesignScot. Nat. Portrait Gall.Adrian Welch
New Town: Moray PlaceRichard Murphy ArchitectsDublin St. HousingRichard Murphy Architects
Dublin St. HousingRichard Murphy ArchitectsDublin St. Housing: linkDavid Churchill
Pizza ExpressKeith HunterMoray PlaceRichard Murphy Architects
Moray PlaceRichard Murphy ArchitectsMoray PlaceRichard Murphy Architects
Nelson’s MonumentAdrian WelchDuguld Stewart Monmnt.Adrian Welch
Calton HillAdrian WelchRoyal High SchoolAdrian Welch
St. Andrew’s HouseAdrian WelchSt. Andrew’s detailAdrian Welch
St. Andrew’s HouseAdrian Welch17 Royal Terrace MewsRichard Murphy Architects

Leith Photos – Complete List

Gateway TheatreAdrian WelchSSM StudioSmith Scott Mullan Architects
Water of LeithAdrian WelchCommercial QuayAdrian Welch
The ShoreAdrian WelchCoalhill by nightAMA: Cameron Welsh
Coalhill HousingAMA: Cameron WelshCoalhill HousingAdrian Welch
Ronaldson’s Wharf3Di for Dignan Read DewarRonaldson’s WharfFraser Brown Mackenna
Ronaldson’s WharfFraser Brown MackennaMus of Scot. StoreCharles McKean’s Guide
WarehousesAdrian WelchRealiseAdrian Welch
Scottish ExecutiveAdrian WelchScottish ExecutiveAdrian Welch
Ocean TerminalAdrian WelchOcean TerminalConran & Partners
Britannia VCConran & PartnersOcean HeightsHolmes Partnership
Malmaison HotelAdrian WelchSignal TowerAdrian Welch
Prop. ParliamentBenson & ForsythPort of Leith H.A.Lee Boyd Partnership

Edinburgh Park Photos – Complete List

BT BuildingAdrian WelchG4 CompetitionDignan Read Dewar
G4 CompetitionRichard Murphy ArchitectsG4 CompetitionDignan Read Dewar
BT BuildingSteffen ScheferBT BuildingSteffen Schefer
D3 Aegon HQKeith HunterD3 Aegon HQKeith Hunter
D3 Aegon HQKeith HunterD3 Aegon HQKeith Hunter
G1 UDV HQAllan Murray ArchitectsG1 UDV HQAllan Murray Architects
G1 UDV HQAllan Murray ArchitectsG2 Lochside Ho.Keith Hunter
G1northAdrian WelchG1 cornerAdrian Welch
G2 Lochside Ho.Keith HunterG3Page & Park Architects
Site A modelAllan Murray ArchitectsA3 BuildingGordon Murray + Alan Dunlop
A2 south-westAdrian WelchA2 southAdrian Welch
A4 BuildingCZWG ArchitectsA4 north-eastAdrian Welch

Edinburgh suburbs / Lothians Photos – Complete List

Water of Leith VCMalcolm Fraser ArchitectsHMP EdinburghGareth Hoskins Architects
Napier UniversityRichard Murphy ArchitectsSlateford GreenAdrian Welch
Slateford GreenAdrian WelchMurrayfieldAdrian Welch
Belford Rd.Richard Murphy ArchitectsGreenbank P.C.Lee Boyd Partnership
47 Gilmour Rd.Richard Murphy Architects47 Gilmour Rd.Richard Murphy Architects
Colinton ChurchPage & Park ArchitectsCanaan LaneLee Boyd Partnership
7 Abbotsford Pk.Richard Murphy ArchitectsMaggies CentreRichard Murphy Architects
Maggies CentreRichard Murphy Architects29 Inverleith Gdns.Richard Murphy Architects
Hawthornden Sch.Ungless & LatimerIvy Bank HouseRichard Murphy Architects
Harmeny SchoolRichard Murphy ArchitectsHarmeny SchoolRichard Murphy Architects
21 Essex Rd.Richard Murphy Architects

Early 20th C. Arch. Photos – Complete List

Craigsbank ChurchAdrian WelchLismhorprovided by owner
St Andrew’s Ch.Adrian WelchMaybury R/houseAdrian Welch
Blackford HillWinifred SilittoMortonhall Crem.Adrian Welch
George Watson’sHenk SnoekGeorge Watson’sHenk Snoek
Standard LifeHenk SnoekStandard LifeHenk Snoek
Commonwealth PoolRMJM ArchitectsAdam HouseAdrian Welch
The RinkAdrian WelchRiverside DriveAdrian Welch

2001 Photos – Complete List

Edinburgh MapAdrian WelchScot. ParliamentRMJM Architects
A4 BuildingCZWG ArchitectsNorthern LightsPeter Fink; Adrian Welch
The TunAMA: Cameron WelshCoalhill HousingAMA: Cameron Welsh
Ocean TerminalConran & PartnersTron Square Ho.Richard Murphy Architects
The WalkComprehensive DesignCalton SquareAMA: Cameron Welsh
Guided Bus RouteCity of Edinburgh CouncilExchange TowerComprehensive Design
Playfair ProjectJohn Miller & PartnersCalton GateGensler; Hackland & Dore
Royal InfirmaryKeppie DesignA3 BuildingMurray Dunlop Architects

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