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Forth Ports Development Leith by Sutherland Hussey

Forth Ports Building Competition, Edinburgh, Scotland – office property design contest entry by SHA.

post updated 25 October 2023

Client: Forth Ports Authority

Budget: £6m

Design: Sutherland Hussey Architects

Location: Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Forth Ports Development Leith by Sutherland Hussey - Building Forth Ports Development Leith by Sutherland Hussey - Building Competition
pictures from the architect studio

Forth Ports Architecture Competition

Invited competition to develop a strategy for future office development in Leith.

Sutherland Hussey Architects have since been renamed as Sutherland Hussey Harris Architects (SHH) after Colin Harris joined the two original directors.

This design contest was located in the docks area of the capital city. Leith was a separate (small) city until the 1950s. The waterfront land is mostly owned by Forth Ports.

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Buildings / photos for the Forth Ports Authority Competition in Edinburgh page welcome.