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Henry Dundas Statue – Melville Monument Controversy: New Town Buildings, Edinburgh, Scotland

31 December 2021
1-2 St Andrew Square
Edinburgh 1-2 St Andrew Square comprises a four-story office building, above a Mexican restaurant in the heart of Edinburgh. Each floor plate was designed to CAT A, with BCO Zoning, efficient LED Baton lighting, and Ducted Fan Coil Units. Coordination was essential in this project with the services exposed to the viewers.
1-2 St Andrew Square

11 Jun 2020

St Andrew Square Henry Dundas Statue

Melville Monument News

Activists in Edinburgh have organised another Black Lives Matter rally to take place this weekend at the Melville Monument in St Andrew Square.

The statue commemorates Henry Dundas, a politician who delayed the end of slavery leading to around 630,000 slaves waiting an extra 10 years for their freedom.

St Andrew Square Henry Dundas Statue Melville Monument Edinburgh
aerial image © webbaviation

The protest, set to take place on Saturday 13 June between 12pm and 3pm has called upon activists to join organisers ‘in unity and pride’.

On Tuesday 9th of June Edinburgh City Council leader Adam McVey said he would feel ‘no sense of loss’ if the statue was removed. It was also announced that wording for a plaque to be put at the base of the statue had been approved to explain Dundas’ ties to the slave trade.

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An article about supporters of Black rights matter online:

St Andrew Square Building

Solar Pavilion

Designed by Karen Forbes for Edinburgh Art Festival

4 Aug – 4 Sep 2011

Admission free

Karen Forbes
Solar Pavilion by Karen Forbes for Edinburgh Art Festival
Karen Forbes
Solar Pavilion (visualization), 2011
Courtesy the artist and Glo

Edinburgh Art Festival is delighted to announce further details of the first artist-designed Festival Pavilion. Situated in St. Andrew Square Gardens, Solar Pavilion is a 2.8 metre high, 14 metre long glass structure formed from 9 segments.

Designed by Karen Forbes with leading structural engineers Buro Happold and RMJM architectural practice, the Pavilion is a contemporary expression of the city’s long fascination with optics and optical devices for viewing. The pavilion will open to the public on 4 August 2011 and will host a series of free events throughout the festival in partnership with the city’s museums and galleries.

Solar Pavilion by Karen Forbes for Edinburgh Art Festival Solar Pavilion by Karen Forbes for Edinburgh Art Festival Solar Pavilion by Karen Forbes for Edinburgh Art Festival Solar Pavilion by Karen Forbes for Edinburgh Art Festival
Karen Forbes
Solar Pavilion (visualization), 2011
Courtesy the artist and Glo

At the intersection of art and architecture, and at the heart of the city where Sir David Brewster invented the Kaleidoscope and dedicated a life to exploring the physics of light, Forbes’ glass chamber will use the latest technology in glass facade engineering to create a space which will celebrate the play of light and shadow. Forbes’ innovative structure will invite visitors to both enjoy a point of contemplation and reflection in the centre of the festival city and provide an optical viewing point from which to re-see the city. 12 + 13 Jul

New Kiosk Pavilion

The Pavilion was designed by Gillespies (Landscape Architectural Company, based in Glasgow) as part of the redevelopment of the Square.

St Andrew Square Kiosk St Andrew Square
photos © lee boyd may 2008

The tenancy of the pavilion was an open competition to coffee retailers and Edinburgh registered company, Coffee Republic, won with a design concept by lee boyd.

‘String of Pearls’ project – View

It’s easy to criticise such projects as the opening up of this formerly private square, but this initiative is both bold and well executed. Opening on 5th of April the stone landscaping was already being used for seating, with the cafe pavilion providing a focus and gentle bustle. The paths follow natural desire lines and the design is neat and unpretentious.

Many tours we’ve shown round the New Town over the years have been amazed that St Andrew Square, Charlotte Square, Queen Street Gardens, Moray Place, etc. are all reserved for lucky locals. This is not how a city should work. This civic space now represents a bold and successful attempt to repopulate Scotland’s capital city, allow permeability and reconnect the people with what should have always been public space.

St Andrew Square St Andrew Square
photos © Adrian Welch feb 2008 with lumix camera

The next space to be given back to pedestrians is the Grassmarket, another positive initiative. Thereafter the logical next step is to demand Charlotte Square is given back to the city. In the meantime the Council should remove the locked gates at the bridge behind the Ross Bandstand: this daft situation destroys permeability right in the heart of the city – you have to go to either end of the Gardens just to go from Old to New Town or vice versa.

Background to St Andrew Square Revitalisation

Underway in St Andrew Square since Jul 2007: opening up the square to the public & connecting burgeoning St James / Multrees Walk areas with city centre: clearing of foliage, new paths and some micro architecture. String of Pearls Edinburgh Development Framework by City of Edinburgh Council + Broadway Malyan

5 May 2017
Edinburgh Concert Hall Building News
The project to create Edinburgh’s first new performance building in 100 years is gathering pace following the appointment of an architect-led design team, David Chipperfield Architects from London:
Edinburgh Concert Hall Building

42 St Andrew Square former RBS HQ prior to completion of Gogarburn
42 St Andrew Square
photo © Adrian Welch Feb 2008
Due to be developed, possibly as a hotel

Caledonian Insurance Company building
Caledonian Insurance Company building
building: photo © Adrian Welch Sep 2006

Scottish Provident building
Scottish Provident building
building: photo © Adrian Welch Sep 2006
St Andrew Square building design by Gareth Hoskins Architects + CDA

Melville Monument
Melville Monument
statue / column photo © Adrian Welch Sep 2006

Harvey Nichols Edinburgh Department Store
St Andrew Square Department Store
picture from Store PR

Standard Life offices
Standard Life offices
picture from the architect
Standard Life building

35 St Andrew Square
35 St Andrew Square
photo © Adrian Welch 230207
One of the oldest buildings in the New Town, being refurbished in 2006

Dundas Mansion
Dundas Mansion, western focus to Edinburgh New Town’s long axis – Royal Bank of Scotland branch for years – RBS offices.

St Andrew Square Retail / Commercial property design by Basil Spence architect
Basil Spence building
building: photo © Adrian Welch Sep 2006

Bank of Scotland : HQ, east side of this civic space
David Bryce, Edinburgh
building: photo © Adrian Welch 2005

Multrees Walk off St Andrew Square to east adj. Harvey Nichols

Aerial view:
St Andrew Square
picture from the architect

Central to St Andrew Square is the Melville Monument atop which is the stone statue of Henry Dundas, Viscount Melville

Prudential Assurance building – 14 South st Andrew St, by Alfred Waterhouse 1895
Prudential Assurance building
photo © Adrian Welch 230207

Looking east down George Street to the square:
St Andrew Square
building photo © Adrian Welch 2006

Scottish Portrait Gallery, located north of the the civic space:
Scottish Portrait Gallery
building photo © Adrian Welch, Sep 2006

St Andrew Square – office building – photographed from north (rear) side:
St Andrew Square office building
photograph © Adrian Welch, 2006

Former Scottish Equitable offices
Former Scottish Equitable offices
photograph © Adrian Welch, Nov 2007

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The Dome, George Street

16 North St Andrew Street
Date built: 1824
Architect: David Paton
This city centre property forms the home of Edinburgh SNP Club.

St Andrew Square
picture from MLA

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St Andrew Square Department Store – Jenners Edinburgh

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